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Maintaining Your Cyber Hygiene With RAV Antivirus

by Mic Johnson

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the internet has become more accessible to us. This has opened the doors to new possibilities and made our lives easier and more fun. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as being on the internet exposes you to various types of cybercrime.

Cybercrime is responsible for over $6.5 trillion in damages yearly. Unfortunately, experts don’t think things will get better any time soon. The cybercrime rate is only expected to grow in the following years. So, if you’re not doing everything you can to stay protected, it’s high time you start. The perfect solution is RAV Antivirus — an enterprise-grade security protocol for all your devices.

This article will discuss what it is and explore how you can use its features to maintain your cyber hygiene. 

What Is Cyber Hygiene?

Cyber hygiene is a set of practices and habits that you can perform to keep your devices and data from being exposed to cyber threats. This is not an easy task to take on. Cybercriminals are becoming more skilled and better-equipped every day. You have to make sure you’re well-armed to face them, and having a quality antivirus like RAV gives you a good head start.

What Is RAV Antivirus?

Before we dive into the practice of maintaining digital hygiene, we should discuss the tool we intend to explain in this process — RAV Antivirus. 

This antivirus software was made by ReasonLabs — one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world. ReasonLabs was founded in 2012 by Andrew Newman, one of the former lead security program managers at Microsoft. It protects users from all types of threats they may encounter on the internet. Its features include RAV Endpoint Protection, machine learning threat intelligence, malware vault, DNS level protection, and more. 

Cyber Hygiene Practises

When you started reading this piece, you may have wondered — RAV Antivirus: what exactly is it? And how can it contribute to my cyber hygiene? Fortunately, the following paragraphs will address this topic in detail. Stay tuned!

Browse Safely

Many online users spend most of their time browsing. However, not being protected while doing so can be extremely dangerous. Simply trying to avoid suspicious websites and links doesn’t always work. After all, pop-ups you’ve had no intention of opening can appear on your screen out of nowhere.

The remedy to this problem is DNS-level network protection. RAV Antivirus’s Saferweb application provides the tools that you need. Its anti-tracker and blocker tools help scan the traffic at the DNS level and block all suspicious content. On top of that, the app also gives you the option to block ads and PG.

Protect All Your Devices

We all have multiple devices at home or at work that we use to connect to the internet daily. They might have different purposes, but they’re all exposed to equally dangerous cyber threats. So, one of the basic cyber hygiene practices is making sure each one of them is well-protected. This is where endpoint detection and response (EDR) comes in.

EDR by RAV Antivirus ensures all your devices — also known as endpoints in this field — are secure. It detects potential threats, locates suspicious files on each endpoint, and singles them out for further inspection.

Download Carefully

You’d think that being careful about what you download goes without saying, but that’s not the case. It can be hard to distinguish malicious files from safe ones if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. That’s why it’s best to put your trust in solutions like RAV Antivirus. 

The software relies on Threat Intelligence Center (TIC) and machine learning (ML) to do the job as efficiently and effectively as possible. TIC comprises a team of professionals who work on gathering information about the latest malware and other cyber threats. ML is an AI-driven algorithm that swiftly combs through files, identifies, and resolves dangerous malware codes in real time. The combination of these two components makes up for a bulletproof defense.

Other Habits

Apart from these, there are a few other ways RAV can help you stay safe. You can read more about it in the RAV Antivirus review on Analyticsinsight. Meanwhile, here are a couple more practices that can help you keep your cyber health intact:

  • Keep your operating system and software up to date.
  • Use multi-factor authentication.
  • Use password managers to store your passwords.
  • Learn as much as possible about cybersecurity.

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