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5 Best Server Hosting For A Safe Multiplayer

by Mic Johnson

Gaming is more like a sport these days. Most adults and teenagers are into it. Some use it as entertainment, while some use it as a career. In recent times, gaming has surpassed being on mobile phones and tablets. Big organizations and companies now host the competition on a large scale. People can play games within the organization’s set rules and standards. This company supports multiplayer.

However, on a bigger scale, VPN and dedicated hosting are reliable for these organizations. To host these games, you need a specialized server, as this will prevent you from having interruptions while playing. The Blackwake server is a typical example of a hosting provider that prevents your games from crashing and downtimes. The blackwake dedicated server prevents computer and network issues that can happen at any time. This will prevent you from any issues/ clashes that are likely to happen.

Also, it is important because it handles high traffic that may not be controllable when using your PC or mobile device. Overheating issues can also be reduced to the barest minimum.

Best Server Hosting Providers

This section entails the 5 best and safest Server Hosting providers. These hosting companies are known for their excellent performance.


HostHavoc is a popular game server hosting solution. They have features and tools that are used alongside mods and updates. With HostHavoc, you have the opportunity to choose 25+ games. This provider offers an instant set-up to help you set your game quickly.

It allows you to switch from one game to another at any time. You are also guaranteed not to pay extra fees for switching. You can make payments with PayPal and credit cards. Apart from that, you can also make payments in cryptocurrency.


ScalaCube is a dedicated server hosting that performs excellently. They allow you to play different multiplayer games like Minecraft, Hytale, etc. The traffic is an optimum bandwidth, regardless of its volume downstream or upstream. You can choose between HDD or SSD storage for your server. SDD runs 10x the HDD storage.

In addition to all those, as mentioned earlier, you get unlimited slots for Minecraft server hosting, multiple hosting, mod support, and plugins.


OVHcloud is an online server that delivers near-performance for your gaming operations. They offer to host games and applications like Minecraft, TeamSpeak, Counter-Strike, etc. People usually ask, “do people still play natural selection 2”? People still play it using servers. This platform uses natural selection 2 servers as it allows you to rent games that are closer to your location. They can manage efficient video and image processing, parallel tasks, and multiplayer.

Also, their servers have an SLA of around 99.90% to provide better availability. The servers include a 500 GB storage capacity for backups.

Google Clouds

Google Cloud is a multiplayer game host that allows you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This host manages your network, and there’s no adverse effect on the performance of your operations. It can run at a maximum speed of 3.8 GHz. Regardless of the location of your partners, it is located in 24 regions of the world and about 200+ states.

This equally comes with a control panel that aids server management and facilitates easy deployment.


ClodZy is a hosting solution for high-performance gaming operations. Their offer is available in both Windows and Linux operating systems. It has a smart firewall and DDoS protection, allowing you to play safely and easily.

This hosting solution specifically aims at online gaming, featuring cutting-edge hardware and zero-contention resource allocation. Its server locations are all over North America, Europe and East Asia. It is ideal for gamers situated in any of the aforementioned locations.


The world of gaming is evolving, and it’s reaching new heights. To make it easier, technology forms advanced servers with distinct features and functionalities. You can play with anyone around the world and, as such, enjoy the best gaming experience. You need to consult any of the providers mentioned earlier to get your hosting, as it’ll allow you to enjoy unparalleled gaming.

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