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Are OTT Applications Better Than Browsers? Some Reasons Why

by Mic Johnson

OTT application is offered as a part of an OTT solution for a video streaming business. Providers develop not only an application for a browser but also for various platforms and devices. The most common are applications for smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, and tablets.

Can they outrun browsers? We think yes. And let’s explore why.

Why can OTT applications replace browsers?

 #1 Users spend more time using applications

The usage of applications boomed during the pandemic and is still growing. According to statistics by data.ai, consumers spend 4-5 hours per day on applications.

They say that more than 13 markets are using apps for more than 4 hours a day. These markets are the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the UK. In Indonesia, Singapore, and Brazil, consumers spend more than 5 hours using apps.

In 2022 the “return to normal” wave is observed, but it seems like consumers who adopted applications keep using them.

#2 It is more convenient to use applications

First of all, it is faster to open an application than to open a browser and then enter a website. Applications are usually there on a desktop. A viewer turns on a phone or a tablet, clicks on an icon, and surfs through the library of videos.

Second, applications usually get adapted to the device they are used on. For example, the video will be adapted to a device resolution. Moreover, an application will understand the device’s technical requirements and adjust content to them. It is not always possible with browsers. Some browser pages don’t adjust to a device’s requirements.

Third, when viewers are using an application to watch videos, they can connect additional equipment to the device, and it will simply interact with the application. It is more difficult to do via browsers.

#3 Notifications

Notifications are beneficial both for a business and a consumer. The provider gets to remind a consumer about their service. In this case, notifications can be used as a part of a marketing strategy. You use notifications to attract people to your platform and inform them about discounts and special offers.

The video streaming service provider can send viewers notifications about new videos, the videos a person hasn’t finished watching, news, and updates. Notifications will help you drive user engagement and build trust with consumers.

And some people will turn off the notifications because they don’t like them. But some people would love to receive news about your content and special offers. They will likely click on the notification and check what’s new.

#4 Better personalization

An application can offer a more personalized experience. It can be more convenient to use an application. For example, if it is a desktop application, you can implement keyboard shortcuts or any other feature that will simplify the use of the platform. It is difficult to have such features on a website available through a browser.

Also, personalization is a way for you to increase user retention. It can help you stand out from the competition and attract more users. Personalization can be a way to success because only 28% of all applications are personalized, according to statistics. And as an eMarketer study says, 35% of consumers say that they would like more personalization.

Final Thoughts

Applications can help you cover more people and increase revenue. They also offer you more opportunities to interact with your viewers and engage them in watching your videos.

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