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6 Malware Removal Tips for Mac

by Mic Johnson

As secure as Apple devices are, unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to ensure that they won’t fall foul of malware sneaking its way onto the devices from time to time. For those of you with a Mac, you’ll likely want to ensure that your device stays clean and free from harmful malware and in this guide, we’ll be sharing 6 helpful tips to assist with the removal of malware and viruses from your Apple product.

Antivirus One

One of Apple’s first lines of defence is Antivirus One. This malware removal application is by far one of the most beneficial, as it can completely block unwanted tools from making their way onto your Apple device, before they even get to take a foothold. This piece of software provides real time scanning, meaning that it’s capable of detecting a dangerous file and then blocking it from accessing your Mac.

Adware Cleaner

According to Apple, one of the easiest ways for spyware, trojans and malware in general to make their way onto devices is via Ads. Although these adverts are harmless by nature, they do use tracking cookies, which can open you up to attacks as hackers collect information on who you are and what you look at. There are even times when clicking an ad can lead to an infected site and with the Adware Cleaner tool, this worry can be negated.

Real-Time Scan

Working in collaboration with other tools, Real-Time Scan runs in the background of your device and constantly cross-references the details of files, websites and other data, in order to analyse them for threats. This is a great tool to remove malware from your device as it can identify them, isolate their file and then implement a process to remove the concern from your Mac.

Manual Scan

With this solution, you’ll be able to filter what is scanned and how deeply the scan will go. If you have found a suspicious file, you can instruct the tool to manually scan the location it has been stored. If any concern is identified, the application can take care of the rest by eradicating the unwanted app.

Web Threat Protection

Another highly effective way to identify threats, remove any that exist within your browser and block sites looking to exploit your device, is via Web Threat Protection. This tool is one of the most powerful available to Mac users and is capable of protecting you in real time.

Third-Party Malware Removal Tools

On the Apple Store, you’ll find a selection of often free-to-use malware removal tools, many of which come with Apple’s seal of approval. They offer varying features, so it’s best to get to know a little more about each of them, but they could certainly help you to keep your device free from malware and functioning securely well into the future.

And there you have it – 6 methods to help you not only remove malware, but destroy it as its source, block it from even getting close and find it before it can do any real harm.

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