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The end of Windows XP support (8th April 2014)

by Unallocated Author

People clinging to Microsoft’s aging Windows XP operating system will be left to fend off cyber criminals by themselves come Tuesday.

On April 8, the US software colossus will stop patching newly found security holes in Windows XP code that hackers could exploit to slip into computers.

Despite Microsoft’s long-heralded plan to stop “supporting” the nearly 13-year-old operating system, it still powers from 20 to 30 percent of Windows machines around the world, according to industry estimates.

Users and organizations still on Windows XP will have nowhere to go if their systems get compromised as Microsoft will not be giving out any security updates whatsoever. This means that if a zero-day vulnerability is found in XP it would stay a zero-day forever starting April 8, 2014.

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