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Hackers target Modi, deface BJP Junagadh unit’s website hacked by Pakistani hackers

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BJP Junagadh unit’s website was allegedly hacked by unknown persons who uploaded “morphed” photographs of party’s PM nominee Narendra Modi and posted comments against RSS, a party functionary said on Sunday.

Local news organizations reports that BJP Junagadh unit’s website (bjpjunagadh.org) was hacked and defaced by some unknown hackers.

As soon as I reached office, our IT cell employees told me that someone has hacked our website http://www.bjpjunagadh.org and uploaded photographs and comments to malign reputation of BJP, RSS and Narendra Modi,” said Jivani, adding that he informed the IT cell head Sanjay Manvar about the issue.

Jivani said in one morphed photograph, Modi and other BJP leaders can be seen burning the tricolour. “In another photograph, they are standing on the tricolour,” he said

A complaint has reportedly been lodged against the unknown hacker, police are trying to find the hacker who is responsible for the breach.

“In total, there were seven such pages having morphed photographs depicting Modi and BJP in bad light. The hacker had also written derogatory remarks about BJP, Modi and RSS on our website,” said Jivani.

He said he lodged a complaint against unknown hacker(s) for trying to malign reputation of BJP and the party leaders.

“After discussing the issue with party leaders, I lodged a complaint with ‘B’ division police against the hacker for trying to malign the reputation of our leaders and party,” Jivani said.

The IT Cell has removed the pages from the website, Manvar said.

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