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Ethical Hacking Tools You Can’t Live Without

by Unallocated Author

As an information security professional, your toolkit is the most critical item you can possess — other than hands-on experience and common sense. Your hacking tools should consist of the following (and make sure you’re never on the job without them):

  • Password cracking software, such as ophcrack, Hydra and John
  • Network scanning software, such as Nmap
  • Network vulnerability scanning software, such as GFI LanGuard and Nessus
  • Network analyzer software, such as Cain & Abel and Wireshark
  • Wireless network analyzer and software, such as Aircrack-ng and CommView for WiFi
  • File search software, such as FileLocator Pro and Identity Finder
  • Web application vulnerability scanning software, such as Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and WebInspect
  • Database security scanning software, such as SQLNinja and SQLmap
  • Exploit software, such as Metasploit

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