RedHack Hacks Site of Governor’s Office in Tunceli, Urges Govt to Punish Child Abuse

The homepage of the site was defaced, replacing the center message and the regular scrolling news with a “RedHack” notice, while also leaving the group’s name on the Announcements page, complete with the date and time of the hack.

This time around, RedHack didn’t want to steal information about state officials, but rather to draw attention to an extremely serious situation – the case of a child who was sexually abused. RedHack has previously accused the government and the ruling party of concealing the assault.

Now, RedHack tells Softpedia that all the entire group wanted was to push the government to start punishing pedophiles instead of letting them walk free, putting other children in danger at the same time.

Despite the fact that it’s been over half a day since the hack occurred, it looks like the authorities don’t really care much for the site since nothing has been done to reverse what RedHack has done.

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