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Learn Python for FREE with this course

by Unallocated Author
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Here you can learn Python for FREE with this course (link at the bottom of this article), the index for the course is listed below.


Introduction: The Hard Way Is Easier
Exercise 0: The Setup
Exercise 1: A Good First Program
Exercise 2: Comments And Pound Characters
Exercise 3: Numbers And Math
Exercise 4: Variables And Names
Exercise 5: More Variables And Printing
Exercise 6: Strings And Text
Exercise 7: More Printing
Exercise 8: Printing, Printing
Exercise 9: Printing, Printing, Printing
Exercise 10: What Was That?
Exercise 11: Asking Questions
Exercise 12: Prompting People
Exercise 13: Parameters, Unpacking, Variables
Exercise 14: Prompting And Passing
Exercise 15: Reading Files
Exercise 16: Reading And Writing Files
Exercise 17: More Files
Exercise 18: Names, Variables, Code, Functions
Exercise 19: Functions And Variables
Exercise 20: Functions And Files
Exercise 21: Functions Can Return Something
Exercise 22: What Do You Know So Far?
Exercise 23: Read Some Code
Exercise 24: More Practice
Exercise 25: Even More Practice
Exercise 26: Congratulations, Take A Test!
Exercise 27: Memorizing Logic
Exercise 28: Boolean Practice
Exercise 29: What If
Exercise 30: Else And If
Exercise 31: Making Decisions
Exercise 32: Loops And Lists
Exercise 33: While Loops
Exercise 34: Accessing Elements Of Lists
Exercise 35: Branches and Functions
Exercise 36: Designing and Debugging
Exercise 37: Symbol Review
Exercise 38: Doing Things To Lists
Exercise 39: Dictionaries, Oh Lovely Dictionaries
Exercise 40: Modules, Classes, And Objects
Exercise 41: Learning To Speak Object Oriented
Exercise 42: Is-A, Has-A, Objects, and Classes
Exercise 43: Gothons From Planet Percal #25
Exercise 44: Inheritance Vs. Composition
Exercise 45: You Make A Game
Exercise 46: A Project Skeleton
Exercise 47: Automated Testing
Exercise 48: Advanced User Input
Exercise 49: Making Sentences
Exercise 50: Your First Website
Exercise 51: Getting Input From A Browser
Exercise 52: The Start Of Your Web Game
Advice From An Old Programmer

You can do the Python course online for FREE at the linkĀ here

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