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Google introduces My Account to keep your data safe and increase its privacy

by Unallocated Author

These days it’s very difficult to control your privacy and keep your account safe from hackers and friends. Everyone just need to hack in someone’s account and limit their privacy and security and put their accounts at high risks. This is the reason that today Google is rolling out two big improvements to its privacy and security tools that may decrease the risks of your account from being hacked.

Google’s new update is called My Account which you can access by going to myaccount.google.com. Google’s My account help you control your data and privacy more easily and securely. You can access your full privacy at one place and make changes to your account very easily. Here is a list of few things that Google’s My Account can do for you :-

  • You can see all the devices logged in to your email account.
  • You can see which apps and website have access to your account and can revoke that access.
  • Use Ads setting to see ads according to your interest.
  • Manage the information that can be used by Youtube, Maps, Search, and other google products
  • Access Location History of the device.

Also, Google has launched a new sub-domain privacy.google.com that may help to answer some common security questions that new My Account users can ask. By viewing this sub-domain, one gets an idea of how their data affects the experience on Google, what type of data does the Google collect, and much more answers to some basic questions.

Now Google is mainly focusing on privacy and security for its users and apps. To keep updated with the  latest Tech news, like our page on Facebook and visit LHN.

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