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Download Skype 7.5 With No Message Crash Bug

by Unallocated Author

Recently a bug was founded on Skype software, when a user enters a piece of text “http://:” (without quotes)  sends and crash Skype, to fix this bug you can download Skype version for Windows.

This Bug affected only three versions of Skype, and users on Mac OS X and Linux were not facing this problem, as the bug didn’t crash the Skype on these systems.

The other way to fix this bug is go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your current user name) > AppData > Roaming > Skype > (Deleted your  Skype user name). This seems to be working on Windows to fix the bug.

Updates on Skype for other platforms will be released soon, stay tuned to get the latest information about it.

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