Oracle: With $22 billion in profit, Android has made $31 billion for Google

Android operating system started in November 2007 with the release of the Android alpha. The first version, Android 1.0 was released in September 2008.

Oracle sued Google for using its Java software without paying for it to develop Android operating system.

According to Oracle lawyer said in Bloomberg reports that, Android operating system has generated revenue of $31 billion, with $22 billion in profit.

Main income was generated from advertisements seen on Android devices and from Google Play.

Google is urging a San Francisco federal judge to redact and seal portions of the public transcript from last week’s hearing where this information was made public.

Google makes the claim that, “non-public financial data is highly sensitive, and public disclosure could have significant negative effects on Google’s business.” Oracle is currently seeking $1 billion in damages from Google.

In 2012 Oracle sued Google for $6 billion, but the judge rejected that amount as too high.


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  • January 23, 2016 at 1:08 am

    They’re right ! Who ever codes for android knows he/she is using java.


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