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How to increase security to your WhatsApp

by Unallocated Author

Recently WhatsApp community announced that they are providing end-to-end encryption for all of their users. This feature makes your WhatsApp conversations even more secure when chatting with your friends and family.

Apart from end-to-end encryption, there are lot more features to increase security to your WhatsApp account.

Go to your WhatsApp account and click the “Settings” icon at the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen. Now click “Account” icon and then “Security” icon. Make sure you turn on the “Show Security Notification” setting.



Next step will increase your WhatsApp security even more, but only when you meet him face-to-face. Just follow the simple steps.

Open a conversation with your friend in WhatsApp and then click on your friend name at the top of your WhatsApp screen. Now you will see a setting for “Encryption”. Click on it, and you will get a QR code and a 60-digit decimal code. At the bottom of the 60-digit code you will get a option called “Scan Code” which enable you to scan your friend’s code, and they can do the same for your code.


In future WhatsApp may bring more features to increase your security.

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