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Rio Olympics Is Used As Bait To Target Users With Phishing Scams

by Unallocated Author

Kaspersky Lab researchers Tatyana Shcherbakova and Andrey Kostin have discovered that cyber criminals are now using Rio Olympics Advert as a bait to target hackers with a new wave of phishing attacks, spams and email scams that appear just like the original marketing advert of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

These scammers are registering domains that contain these terms: “Rio” and “rio2016” .They are also buying low-cost SSL certificates so as to ensure that their fake websites appear authentic and trusted to the users, according to the researchers.


Users may receive a phishing or malicious email, they might click a phishing link or advertising banner, or they might using a search tool and choose a fake website selling tickets too. Kostin further added that phish websites imitating ticket sale services have turned out to be the most effective of all the scams directed towards innocent users until now.

This phishing method can steal confidential banking card data and as a result all money from the accounts associated with that card. Also these scams containing malware that can harm a user’s computer, turning it into a botnet or stealing a user’s personal data.



Phishing attacks are definitely on a rise nowadays with email scams and spam messages doing the round across the World Wide Web incessantly. Users are warned to be aware of such emails and scams over the internet and not fall for them easily.

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