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How to Safely Browse the Dark Web Using Tor Browser

by Unallocated Author

Browsing the dark web is not criminal. Doing research and posting on forums is not going to get you in legal trouble. The fact is: humanity is incredibly curious. Chances are someone will read an article about the dark web and instantly want to know more. Moreover, they’ll want to experience it firsthand.

The danger on the dark web is not getting caught by authorities – it’s getting caught by hackers. Of course, if you spend your time illegally participating in the black market then you risk the chance of getting caught. Still, most users don’t want to buy drugs off the dark web; they just want to find proof that you can. The basics should always come first.

Download Tor Browser Bundle

Like any browser, the installation of tor is straight forward. Your choices on set-up will be based on your connection, so be aware of connection type. Tor is designed to encrypt and bounce communications via a network of relays. Ultimately, this means a VPN is not required (but still recommended).

Access the Hidden Wiki

Surprisingly, finding a link to the dark web’s hidden wiki is not as difficult as its name suggests. Reddit is the top recommendation for all dark web links. Upon first investigation, the sub-reddits might offer more information than expected. You might even have access to a hundred different links, but the hidden wiki is always a good place to start.

Instead of clicking the first .onion link you can find, do some research. Most people won’t fault you for wanting to explore the dark web. Reddit is even home to several subs on the topic. It’s easy to find users to help you more in-depth at securely browsing the dark web. The biggest thing to remember is privacy. Your connection is encrypted. Any information you accidentally give out isn’t.

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