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Creating the Ideal Setting for Hacking on Mobile Devices

by Unallocated Author

For whatever reason, you want to set up a mobile device for hacking – or debugging. Search for a device that offers a solid base for mounting, hacking, debugging and testing. Also try to find a device that’s compatible with CyanogenMod OS. Revamping old mobile devices is the cheapest option.

Installing CyanogenMod OS

This process is pretty straight forward. If you need help, follow a detailed guide. During installation, you’ll want to grab the TWRP recovery image. Also, choose the smallest bundle available when installing Google Apps.

Enable Unapproved Software

It’s not uncommon to find yourself needing software that’s unapproved by Google Play. In order to avoid this hiccup, find instructions for enabling unapproved software based on your specific mobile device.

When prompted by Google asking to evaluate your device for security reasons, obviously decline. On a side note, if you use a Google account, make sure you disable your Google history via the dashboard.

Specifics and Developer Options

If you don’t use an app, disable it. Follow an online guide on setting up developer mode. The recommended options to enable include:

  • Advance reboot
  • Stay awake
  • Bluetooth HCI log
  • Full root access
  • Android debugging
  • Local terminal
  • Bug report shortcut
  • Development shortcut

Install ADB on a desktop

Despite popular belief, the installation of ADB is simpler than it seems. It is also 100% necessary to go any further in this process. Without downloading a tool like ADB, you’re boned. It allows us to execute commands to our mobile devices via our terminal/command prompt on our desktop. Fastboot (also mentioned and necessary) is used for revising firmware.

Test It Out

If you’re using Linux for ADB, open the terminal and type: adb shell. Try out cd and ls commands, or retrieve system logs via the adb logcat command. Just keep in mind the dangers of having too much fun.

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