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Darknet Gun Found on Drug Dealer During Traffic Stop

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The Criminal Court of Chilly-Mazarin experienced an interesting case in the beginning of October 2017. The case involved a drug dealer under numerous charges for illegal weapons possession and possession of drugs with intent to sell.

The 31 year old man claimed that he bought the one discovered firearm through a marketplace on the Darknet because he needed protection citing an assault he suffered in the recent past. The man had already been in trouble with Chilly-Mazarin law officials for drug dealing so his future is automatically in jeopardy.

Getting in trouble before hadn’t deterred the man and he soon after began dealing yet again. Authorities were able to bust him this time due to his lack of driving skills and the blatant breaking of simple traffic laws.

The suspect decided to perform an illegal U-turn not realizing he did it right in front of local law enforcement. The fact that the suspect was driving around with hidden license plates certainly didn’t help either.

When authorities had the drug dealer stopped for the violations, it was discovered that he had quite a bit of cocaine in the car as well. The discovery prompted a warrant to search the man’s home where police found even more drugs and the previously mentioned firearm purchased from the Darknet.

A refrigerator was found to be hiding a sizable amount of cocaine, at least 40 grams worth. The kitchen was also home to a significant amount of marijuana amounting to 300 grams plus the firearm along with it’s matching ammo.

It’s pretty obvious here that the man will be serving more prison time. Since he was sentenced to 2 years for his previous drug charges (with one year suspended) the courts will not go easy on him this time around. Considering recent events involving firearms, this is definitely not a bad thing. 

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