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iPhones No Longer Safe!

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Apple focuses very strongly on their user’s privacy and data security and focuses on it strongly, however, iOS might have a backdoor through which your iPhone has the possibility of being hacked. Apple provides their users with encryption ensuring data protection with not only a password and pin but fingerprint and facial recognition as well.

Nobody will be able to have access to your phone as long as you have a password. However, FBI forced Apple to create a classified hidden pathway into your iPhone in early 2016 to penetrate into the phones of San Bernardino shooter. Anyhow FBI later backed down as they found a third-party service to access phones protected with a password but someone else gained access to this backdoor and was able to access encrypted content.

If we fast forward to 2018- Launch of the new iPhone X; a similar backdoor still exists and can unlock encrypted phones including this phone. There is a gadget called Graykey featuring two cables, and it allows phones to be connected for 2 minutes, and once they disconnect, cracking can be carried out.

This cracking happens on the phone after GrayKey box loads a certain type of software allowing the iPhone to jailbreak. After some time the phone shows a black screen and provides a password allowing to decrypt the phone. This device even allows disabled phones to be unlocked and decrypted as claimed by the company manufacturing this device.

As soon as the password is collected, the contents of the iPhone are downloaded to the GrayKey device, and this will include every data and the complete encrypted contents of the keychain as well. No iPhone is safe and can be hacked easily using the same device. It is not unclear if the backdoor to iPhone, made accessible by the FBI is what caused this iPhone to remain unprotected, but Apple encryption can be exploited and is no longer secure.

Source: BGR

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