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iKeyMonitor Android Tracking App Review

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iKeyMonitor is the Android tracking app that allows you to monitor your children for free, prevent data theft and monitor employee productivity. This app keeps track of thetarget phone activities such as SMS / MMS, call history, call recordings, voice messages, GPS location, email, photos, web history and more.

Benefits of iKeyMonitor Android Tracker
If the children you care about are going in the wrong direction through their phones, you can use
iKeyMonitor Android tracking app to:
• Know about their conversation with others
• Make sure they do not lie about their position
• Listen to your children from anywhere
• Forget all your worries about children’s safety
• Make your parent-child relationship much stronger than ever

Featuresof Android Tracking Application
iKeyMonitor Android tracker provides a great many features which make parental control a piece of cake.

Stay Completely Invisible
The invisible cellular tracker allows you to stay completely hidden from the user, even if your children are familiar with the operation of their devices. You can set to display or hide the app icon from the home screen and the notification bar.

Log Text Messages and Calls
This Android SMS tracker allows you to record every incoming or outgoing call. With the help of the tracking application, you can view all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user. Also, you can track images included in MMS messages and see them from your account.

Record Social Media Chats
iKeyMonitor tracker gives you the ability to read messages sent and received via the mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook. You can track and save each file (photos and voice messages) exchanged in conversations.

Track GPS Location
iKeyMonitor tracks the GPS position of the target device in almost real time. You can view the GPS logs in your account.

Work without SIM Card
You can monitor the device using this hidden mobile tracker, even if the user removes the SIM card. As long as the phone joins a good Wifi or cellular network, iKeyMonitor will work in the normal mode.

Log Web Browsing History
This mobile tracker is ready to track all the web activities that occur on your phone, including URL and titles of websites visited, searches and more. This web history logging app is useful for entrepreneurs, married people and, of course, for parents, because it helps solve many work and personal problems.

Check To-Do List
iKeyMonitor Android phone tracker has an essential feature: tracking the to-do list. Nowadays it is a necessity. People get used to making notes on their calendars by making plans. And tracking program can show this information. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the people you trust and love.

Contacts Backup
iKeyMonitor supports the recording of all entries in the user’s address book. This default function is useful. Thanks to this, you can view the contact details of the scan (numbers and names, e-mails, etc.) stored in the address book. iKeyMonitor uploads all this information to the user panel.

Screenshot Capturing
This feature is essential when you need to know when, how and who uses the target phone. The phone tracking application developed by Awosoft can periodically create screenshots. So you’ll know if your Android tablet or smartphone is used for instant messaging, surfing the Internet, talking or checking social networks.

iKeyMonitor mobile tracker application remains invisible on the target device and collects all your children’s activities without them knowing it. This Android track
ing applicationhelps you locate the GPS position of your children or employees in almost real time while the application remains undetectable on the target device.

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