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MiSafe Childrens Tracking Smartwatches Vulnerable to Being Hacked

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Misafes smart watch vulnerability

Parents can no longer rely on GPS Sensors such as MiSafe to monitor their kids. In fact, using such devices would only endanger a child’s security. The authenticity of this product has been questioned several times and now The Pen Partners have made an alarming revelation. These Experts say that the MiSafe is one of the easiest devices to hack.

What’s the issue?

MiSafe is a GPS sensor that can be strapped onto the wrist of the child, which can then be paired with a Smartphone through an app. It helps parents to keep track of their young ones and even communicate with them. However, it has recently come to light that they are not the only ones to do so. It has been reported that the child’s communication and whereabouts can be conveniently accessed by hackers. This is possible because the data transmitted by this device is not encrypted. It may be noted that if this data had been encrypted and later decrypted upon the desired transmission, chances of hacking would have been lower.

Easy to Hack

Recently, Pen Partners have made headlines by disclosing certain vulnerabilities of MiSafe. They reportedly bought some MiSafe devices and tried hacking them, only to conclude that it was one of the easiest devices to hack. They further disclosed that this device was subject to IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) that lets a third person gain unauthorized access to the child’s details and whereabouts. In fact, they went on to further explain how even the Geo-Fencing feature of this product could be manipulated.

Apparently, this is not the first time that the vulnerabilities associated with the MiSafe devices have been divulged. It may be recollected that earlier in October 2017, the Norwegian Consumer Council had pointed out the concerns associated with such GPS Sensors.

SEC, an Austrian Cybersecurity Firm had also pinpointed several vulnerabilities within a Mi-Cam baby monitor, another product from the makers of the MiSafe. Strapping these easy-to-access hi-tech devices onto your children may only risk their security.

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