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Frustrated Fallout 76 Player Cursed With Permanent God Mode Due To A Bug

by Abeerah Hashim
Fallout 76 immortality bug

Game glitches, particularly those inadvertently endowing benefits to the players are usually loved. For instance, the bug in the Red Dead Redemption 2 that blessed users with their favorite horses. However, glitches like the one we report here regarding Fallout 76 can even frustrate the gamers. Recently, a bug in the game has cursed a player with unwanted immortality. In fact, the player has attained some sort of God mode since nothing can kill the character. The situation has enraged the player, making them beg for death (of the game character, of course).

Fallout 76 Immortality Glitch Cursed A Player

Reportedly, a bug in the Fallout 76 has awkwardly endowed a player’s game character with immortality. Infuriated with the situation, the player shared the news on Reddit.

My character has permanent godmode, and Besthesda doesn’t seem to care. from fo76

The player is suffering from boredom as there remains no thrill for them in the game. The game character remains entirely immune to all sorts of attacks, including nuke blasts, as shown by the pictures shared. That makes it dreary for the player leaving no apparent options to enjoy the game, particularly ruining the essence of a PVP game play. Moreover, being standing at the level 100, the player has left with little participation instances.

No Way Out To Escape The Permanent God Mode!

Out of frustrations, the player with alias Brogadyn on Reddit even generated a ticket to the game’s support for help. Nonetheless, the email received in response didn’t really address the problem.

In response to the player’s post on Reddit, some other Redditors advised to continue playing the game gaining the largest cap bounty. According to a Redditor NIGHTFURY-21,

“Use it to your advantage. Try and get the largest cap bounty in the game.”

While another player with Reddit alias TheCrimsonCorndog also emphasized on the same,

“I’m going to second the guy who said rack up a bounty. We all want to see this happen. The entire community will get behind you if you’re banned. This is exactly the kind of thing Bethesda promised we could do. Become a villain. You’ll be Fallout 76’s first real celebrity. Post here with stories and updates as often as you can. Bethesda wont be able to ignore it and you’ll have security because of how well documented it is.”

Nonetheless, most players also express their fear regarding possible banning of the virtually immortal gamer.

Well, until the time of writing this article, there seemed no apparent fix for the glitch available to the player. Nor was there any appropriate response addressing the issue. Let’s see if Bethesda gets serious to solve the glitch soon.

By the way, how would you feel if you were in place of this player? Would you enjoy playing with an unkillable game character? Do share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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