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No Proof Against Huawei Says BSI Chief

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In a recent disclosure, Arne Schoenbohm, who heads Germany’s Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), made an alarming revelation.  According to Schoenbohm, the US does not have any evidence against Huawei, on which they can base allegations as serious as Espionage.

It may be recollected that the Huawei CFO was recently arrested in Canada, and is out on bail wearing an ankle tag, among certain other restrictions levied on her. The allegations were vague and connected to violations of the US sanctions in Iran.

As the US and its allies continue to pursue Huawei, it has recently come to light that these allegations were baseless, and lack evidence. The telecom giant was earlier accused of creating a backdoor in their 5G equipment, allowing the Chinese Intelligence to spy on the rest of the world.

No Proof Against Huawei

The Canadian authorities, upon the behest of the US, had recently arrested the Chinese Telecom’s CFO in connection with the violation of US sanctions in Iran. This move by the US authorities had made it clear that the superpower lacked adequate evidence against Huawei.

Recently, a statement by Germany’s BSI Head Arne Schoenbohm has made it clear that the most controversial 5G services by the Chinese telecom giant do not pose any visible security risk.

Schoenbohm stated

“For such serious decisions like a ban, you need proof”

A Snapshot of the Global impact

After a series of bans and allegations against it for spying on behalf of the Chinese intelligence, the World’s No.2 telecom services provider was banned by the US and its FiveEyes allies, all but the UK.  Despite raising concerns, the UK has not made any official move against Huawei.

After the US, Australia and New Zealand, Japan has joined in the bandwagon and has restricted the Government sector from availing any services from Huawei.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s CFO, who was arrested while changing flights in Canada, is out on bail. However, she faces a possible extradition to the US. The Court had reportedly asked her to surrender her passport and remain within Canada, among other restrictions levied upon her. Meanwhile, Huawei has been making technical improvements upon the requests of certain Authorities.

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