Mitigations to Protect the Transport Industry from Cybercrime

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One may wonder why hackers would want to penetrate a transportation system. But believe it or not, there have been cases where these systems have been hacked and their operations interrupted. Today, the rate at which cybercrime is increasing around the world is alarming according to reports. The attackers are targeting any sector, and the transportation sector is not an exception. The good thing is that fleet management companies and other transportation companies can set in place helpful mitigations that will protect the systems from being attacked by any malicious person either internally or externally.

Inform the Employees

Any system that is used by fleet companies may have security loopholes. When hackers sent by competitors or any stakeholder with an ill intention infiltrate the system, the staff will be the first ones to feel the effect because they use the systems to execute their tasks. The best thing is to inform them about cybercrime and train them in how to protect the system from it. Let them know the security procedures that have been set by the company and the importance of following them always.

Store Data in Secure Databases

One of the targets of hackers is the data in your company. This is why most companies prefer to store data in secure remote servers. Staff should be discouraged from saving important data on the local computer hard drives but rather should use cloud or remote servers provided by reliable companies. Also, the providers of these solutions should monitor the machines and software used by the company to ensure that the data is safe.

Use of Reliable Devices and Systems

It is important to use devices and systems that take advanced security measures to make sure that they cannot be hacked. For now, most fleet companies use GPS, driver logbook software and other software from reliable sellers like the Eyeride website because they have installed security measures. If you are a fleet manager, it is better to be cautious when installing a new devices or software in your firm.

Change or Upgrade the Affected System

When the company systems are attacked, it is crucial to stop using the system until a solution is found. And one of the best solutions is to either change the system entirely or upgrade it. According to most developers, security updates are a component of the upgrades. Fleet companies that keep updating their software rarely get hacked by malicious employees or outsiders. Before hackers can crack how to bypass the passwords and usernames or other security measures, the system will receive a security patch. In fact, the antivirus and firewalls should always be up to date because this is another area that can offer protection for the system.


Many fleet and transportation companies that have been hacked are usually cautious about their systems. They believe that once is one time too many. If you are lucky enough not to have been attacked, it is time to tighten security measures because the experience of being hacked is not good at all. Follow the above insights to stay safe at all times.

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