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Aquatone | An Open Source Domain Flyover Tool

by Unallocated Author

Aquatone is a tool programmed by go-lang to inspect domains/check their status and also provide screenshots of the hosts it supports with numerous hosts at the same time.


1 – Cloning the repository

2 – After installation, we can add an alias into bashrc so we can use the script from anywhere
Search for go installation path in your system it must be somewhere like

Then go to the full path, it should be something like ~/go/src/$site-source/$author/$tool
for this example, it will be

2.1 – Now open ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile and then add this

N.B: You can replace aquatone2 with whatever you want
and then type source ~/.bashrc to apply the changes
3 –  now you can call the script like this from anywhere


In this example, we will suppose that I have a list of subdomains and hosts and I will aquatone them

A file will be created called aquatone_report.html
Open it with your browser to see screenshots and results

Find the link to the project HERE

What Bunny Rating Does it Get?

Aquatone is a great tool to automate HTTP requesting tasks with flyovers control and also screenshot and port scanning at the same time, these tasks can be performed by many tools separately however Aquatone made this possible.


– Script is fast
– Check for “site:port” response
– Screenshot with headers information


– No longer perform domain takeovers
– no longer use nightmare.js for scanning
– No DNS Enumeration

I think that the older version of aquatone created with ruby is much better cause it uses API for OSINT resources and gives much efficiency report, however, This new version allows you to screenshot the hosts while scanning which was missing in the old project as a result a will be awarding this tool 3 out of 5 bunnies.

To check the old version go to: HERE

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