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MixCloud Suffered Data Breach Affecting 21 Million Users

by Abeerah Hashim
MixCloud data breach

The music streaming service MixCloud has fallen prey to a cybersecurity incident. It seems MixCloud has suffered a data breach as evident from the 21 million user records available for sale.

MixCloud Faced Data Breach

Reportedly, the music streaming service MixCloud has suffered a data breach. What’s more alarming is that the breached data is already available on the dark web for sale.

According to TechCrunch, they could receive a sample from the data for sale. They could even verify the presence of email addresses as active MixCloud user accounts. Further investigations made them realize that the breach happened in November.

Specifically, the seller listed over 20 million records (nearly 21 million) for sale for $4000 or 0.5 bitcoin. The breached information includes users’ email addresses, usernames, SHA-2 hashed passwords, profile pictures, country, sign-up dates, dates of the last login, and IP addresses.

Shady Statement From MixCloud

MixCloud has recently confirmed the breach via a security statement, mentioning the ‘credible reports’ they received regarding the incident. While they confirmed the breach, they also clarify that the leaked passwords would potentially belong to a small number of users.

The majority of Mixcloud users signed up via Facebook authentication, in which cases we do not store passwords.

Moreover, they also highlight their password hashing practice that makes the breached passwords safe from hackers.

The passwords that Mixcloud does store are encrypted with salted cryptographic hashes to ensure that they are extremely difficult to unscramble. This means that they are unlikely to be decrypted by hackers.

Nonetheless, they advise the users to update their passwords, especially when reused.

Whilst we have no reason to believe that any passwords have been compromised, you may want to change yours, especially if you have been using the same one across multiple services.

For now, they have not mentioned any other details about the incident, such as when and how it happened, and the number of users affected during the breach. However, they elaborate that they are investigating the matter.

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