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Entercom Radio Suffered Outage After Cyber Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Entercom cyber attack

Popular American radio network Entercom has recently disclosed a cyber attack. While it didn’t cause severe damages, it marks the second security incident in the same year.

Entercom Faced Cyber Attack

Entercom, the US-based radio network has recently fallen prey to a cyber attack. Entercom is a radio network of more than 235 radio stations that boast a monthly audience of over 170 million.

As revealed in a recent post, the radio giant Entercom disclosed a security incident that affected its services. Following the attack, the company suffered an outage over the weekend as it faced connectivity issues.

Entercom has confirmed it suffered a disruption to its IT systems…
According to various reports, the company had connectivity issues that affected email, access to files and content for the company’s digital platforms.

Though, they could contain the attack and resume their services from Monday, September 23, 2019, likely because of the small scale of the attack.

Second Attack In A Year

The recent incident marked the second cyberattack on the firm in the same year. Specifically, this attack happened just three months after the first security incident that was far more severe.

In brief, the first attack happened in September 2019, which involved targeting the firm with ransomware. As revealed at that time,

In addition to the downed email system, there have been problems in some markets with a host of other systems the company relies on to conduct business, including its AudioVault automation system, music scheduling, computer networks, printers, billing, and other internal digital systems.

According to the Entercom CFO Richard Schmaeling, the September incident cost $1 million to the company, with a loss of $400,000 in revenue.

Nonetheless, following that incident, the company invested further in improving its security. Perhaps, that may be a reason for the quick resolution of the second cyber attack.

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