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US Accounting Firm Moss Adams Discloses Data Breach

by Abeerah Hashim
Moss Adams data breach

One of the largest public accounting firms in the United States, Moss Adams, has suffered a data breach. The firm suffered the security breach that potentially exposed the names and Social Security Numbers of the customers.

Moss Adams Suffered Data Breach

Reportedly, the US-based accounting and wealth management firm Moss Adams has fallen prey to a cybersecurity incident. Following the incident, Moss Adams suspects data breach that potentially exposed data to attackers.

The firm disclosed the details of the incident in a statement shared on the website of the California Attorney General. As revealed, the firm noticed some unusual activity with one of their employee’s email account in October 2019.

Investigating the matter revealed that the email account had some personal information of the customers or employees. Thus, they suspect that attackers might have accessed this data.

Our investigation subsequently determined that the impacted Moss Adams email account was accessed by an unauthorized third party and this account contained some of your personal information, although we do not know if your personal information in the email account was actually accessed by the third party.

Moss Adams did not explicitly mention if the exposed information belonged to customers, the employees, or both. Moreover, they have also not stated a specific number of affected individuals.

Security Measures Underway

Following the incident, the company immediately took steps to contain the attack.  Furthermore, they also assured that the incident did not affect any information systems.

Out of caution, the company is offering free credit monitoring services for one year to the affectees.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are offering you a one-year membership to TransUnion Interactive’s myTrueIdentity credit monitoring and identity restoration service at no cost to you.

Meanwhile, they continue with their investigations regarding the incident.

In October, an Italian financial service UniCredit also revealed a data breach that affected the firm in 2015. The incident potentially impacted 3 million customers.

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