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UkeySoft FoneEraser Review: 100% Erase All iOS Data before Selling Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

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After years of usage, your iPhone works slowly. So, you’ve decided to sell it out and upgrade to an new iPhone 11(Pro), iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Android smartphone. It’s necessary to permanently erase data from your phone before you sell, give away, or trade in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Erasing your personal data will protect you from identity thieves.

When it comes to sell your iPhone, you should erase Everything on iPhone, including contacts, messages, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, videos, audios, Apps or any other iCloud information, then remove Apple ID and take out the SIM card. But simple deletion and factory reset does not really delete the data, because the system just removes the pointer and marks the sectors as available, those deleted files aren’t really be erased permanently, some professional iPhone data recovery can recover deleted data after factory reset iPhone.

In order to ensure that the data will not be stolen after the iPhone is resold abandoned or traded, we need to completely erasing or wiping data on iPhone. However, how to permanently erase all data and settings on iPhone, iPad before selling?

Why UkeySoft FoneEraser Is Recommended?

UkeySoft FoneEraser is a powerful iPhone Data Eraser, it can help you permanently erase private information on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, including photos, text messages and attachments, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and Safari bookmarks. This iPhone Data Eraser tool not only allows Apple users wipe the existing data, but also supports erase the already deleted data on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

After erasing data and files on iPhone completely, those erased data will be unrecoverable, even any latest data recovery tool can’t recover them back, UkeySoft provides the most secure solution for who want to sell their iPhone/iPad/iPod to others.

More Amazing Features

UkeySoft FoneEraser is a safe and reliable iOS data eraser tool for Apple users to check and view files you wish to erase before you continue. If you want to check and view the files or backup photos and videos before deleting, just connect your iPhone devices to computer and use UkeySoft FoneEraser to scan the iPhone, the “Erase Private Data” function allow users scan and find all existing Messages, Messages Attachment, Calendar, Reminder, Call History, Safari Cookie, Safari Cache, Safari History, Photos, Videos and Note, you can selectively erase different types of file or backup pictures, videos or other large files to your computer. If you want to erase all data on iPhone permanently, please click “Erase All Data” function and scan the devices, it will helps you erase all data and settings on iPhone with 1 click, after erasing all data and settings on iPhone, your iPhone is like a new one, you need to log in an Apple ID to set it up again.

Here’re some key features:

Erase All Data: Erase all data and settings on iPhone with 1 click, including the existing data and already deleted files. The erased data is 100% unrecoverable.

Erase Private Data: Selectively delete data on iPhone/iPad/iPod completely, including messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, etc. This function also can help you backup photos and videos from iPhone to computer.

Erase App Fragments: Erase app fragments, keep your private data safe and protect you from the risk of privacy leaks.

  • Click to Free Up Space: Clean junk files, temporary files and uninstalling apps in bulk. Make your device working as quickly as a new one.

Guide to Erase All Data from iPhone before Selling

Step 1. Download and install UkeySoft FoneEraser on Mac. And connect your iPhone device to the computer via Apple USB cable. If you want to permanently erase everything on iPhone, please click “Erase All Data” feature.

Tips: Make sure “Find My iPhone” is disabled if you want to permanently your iPhone data via this erasing mode.

Step 2. Start to Erase All iPhone Data Completely

The UkeySoft iPhone Data Eraser will detects your iPhone device connected, then just click “Erase” button start to erasing data on iPhone thoroughly. Please do not use your device or disconnect with computer during erasing process.

Step 3. All iOS Data be Erased Completed and Set Up your iPhone

Once the wiping process is complete, everything on your iPhone will be permanently erased. And please note this action will PERMANENTLY erase all data and CANNOT be undone. Please make sure you’ve backed up the data in case of any data deleted completely. Now, your iPhone is like a new one, please login Apple ID to setup your device to access it.

Permanently Erase iPhone SMS, Contacts, Call history, Photos, Videos, Notes, etc.

To protect your privacy, UkeySoft FoneEraser can help you permanently erase private data on iPhone/iPad/iPod, and those erased data is 100% unrecoverable. Let’s learn how to erase any personal data on your iOS device.

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft FoneEraser and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. When connected and detected successfully, the software will show the usage of your iPhone.

Step 2. After then, select “Erase Private Data” to permanently delete personal data on iPhone.

Step 3. Click “Scan” button, then the program begins to scan for the private data on your iPhone.

Step 4. Once the process is complete, you will see the window as follows, the software allows you check and view files you wish to erase before you continue, all deletable private data including messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, etc.

View and Erase Notes on iPhone

View and Erase Photos on iPhone

View and Erase Text Messages on iPhone

Step 5. Select what you wish to delete and click “Erase Now” button to erase the selected files.

Then the messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, browsing history, cookies, etc. (deleted one or existing one you choose) are permanently deleted from your iPhone. Even FBI can’t get them back.

After deleting complete, the iPhone will restarts, please setup your iPhone to access it.

Pros and Cons:


#1. Ease of Use: Thanks to the intuitive interface and poweful functions, it’s extremely easy to understand how to use this program to erase all iPhone data with 1 click. Because it’s super easy to handle, you can start using the software without reading the manual.

#2. Erased Data is 100% Unrecoverable: Unlike restoring to factory setting and simple delete operation, those erased data cannot be recovered with any latest recovery tool, which is especially designed for who wish to sell and give the old iPhone to others.

#3. 1-Click Speed Up iPhone: If your iPhone or iPad gets bogged down due to it be used for a long time. This UkeySoft iPhone Data Eraser can clean up the junk files and temp files, so as to make your device working as quickly as a new one. What’s more, it can erase cache data such as log files, photos, videos, iTunes syncing files, downloaded documents and junks that are generated by apps. Saving time to free up more storage for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

#4. Lifetime Free Update: No matter you are free trial user or paid user, you can enjoy lifetime free update service.


#1.It is not free.

#2. The “Find My iPhone” need to turned off first if you want to permanently erase all iPhone data and settings through “Erase All Data” feature.

Final Word

That’s all you need to know about how to permanently erase data on iPhone and protect you from identity thieves after selling it. The data will be gone forever if you erase it by using UkeySoft Fone Eraser. Nobody, not even a professional identity thief, will ever be able to recover it. No matter you are going to erase iOS data and files before selling or speed up your slowly iPhone/iPad devices, this professional iPhone data eraser tool is useful for you, if your iPhone  or iPad runs slowly when it is used for a long time, just one click to clear unnecessary data to speed up iPhone easily.

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