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Outsourcing Your Software Development During the 2020 Pandemic – Save Work, Save Lives

by Mic Johnson

Outsourcing Your Software Development During the 2020 Pandemic – Save Work, Save LivesWe are currently living through a pandemic the world has not seen for centuries. As this is the first major global pandemic of this generation, we are struggling to find ways to combat the issue and to continue life as we are so used to. Entire industries are being placed on standby as we figure out how to navigate this mess and develop new forms of office interaction that don’t place workers at risk. COVID-19 might have put the economy on hold, but that doesn’t mean work can’t continue.

New recommendations have been put in place that is designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to keep those at risk safe from the disease. Keeping a social distance, six feet, from anyone and everyone will help to limit the chance of spreading the disease. Washing your hands for twenty seconds multiple times each day will help kill the disease if you happen to come in contact with it. Cough into your arm or sleeve rather than your hand. Most importantly: stay home.

While each of these recommendations is fantastic ways to prevent the spread of the disease, they are not so great for continuing business. It is for that reason that most companies have begun to turn their efforts online and to promote at-home working. However, this presents an issue for the development of new software and technology that might be necessary to keep your company running through these odd times. That’s where outsourcing your work will come in useful.

Why outsourcing works

In general, outsourcing your technology needs to a software development company is a good idea as, chances are, the employees of your company have other specialized skills than tech development. In order to keep yourself up to date with the industry and the demands of consumers, you’ll need a dedicated and quality software development team working at your side. Most companies don’t have the means to have an in-house software team and so outsourcing becomes necessary.

During this global pandemic, outsourcing becomes even more useful as it combats two forms of issues. For one, the business can continue, and your company can develop the necessary software to move temporarily online while also staying up to date with the industry. Secondly, your business will be able to promote social distancing as outsourcing your work requires no in person contact and allows for work to be done at home on both ends.

Newest and latest technology

Software development companies are focusing on creating the greatest and most useful technology for companies and industries as a whole. They offer software like Artificial intelligence, IoT, and GUI based designs. Having the latest and greatest technology enables companies to keep up to date with the industry and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Artificial Intelligence – Having the ability to implement machine learning is a new trend found in the software development field. Artificial intelligence helps remove the margin of error found with human interaction. By creating technology specifically designed around the use of AI, tech companies are providing you with the latest and most useful software available. As AI is developed, it will be found much more in software and companies.
  • Internet of Things – Any device with the ability to connect to the internet and record data is part of the Internet of Things (IoT). This is a global network of devices that can connect and interact – anything from phones to computers to cars are on the global IoT network. Smaller networks are able to be developed allowing you to have an entire office of connected devices interacting and working together.
  • Digital Industry transition – Retail, banking, and agriculture are three of the newest and most in demand industries for software development. As the internet continues to expand and develop, consumers are asking for more online interaction with businesses. Because of this demand, software companies are being tasked with creating tech and software which will enable these industries to establish an online presence.
  • GUI focused design – Having an online presence is great and all, but if the presence is bogged down by confusing screens and difficult interactions, your presence will be more damaging than useful. Software companies that focus on developing interaction-based products tend to ensure that usability is great so that people will be pulled in and interested in what a company can do for them. 

A personalized touch

Companies like intellectsoft (https://www.intellectsoft.net/services) offer a more personalized touch to their software development. Some software development companies will give you a customizable plan to develop software that is specifically designed for your needs. Having a generalized software that works for your base needs might be sufficient, but having one specifically designed for you and your company allows you to more accurately address internal issues experienced.

No company is the same and no issues can be properly addressed by generic means. When it comes to developing technology that allows you to transition online or keep your business up to date with the industry, it’s important to have a plan that is designed for you. Intellectsoft offers both a customizable final product as well as a custom plan to get you there. You provide them with the information and requirements, and they’ll make the perfect product for your company.

Focus on your health

During these unprecedented times, your health should be your priority. Keeping yourself safe and keeping those around you safe is the focus of these pandemics, and the only way to get back to full operating capacity is to promote health standards being recommended by the WHO and CDC. This means that offices are most likely closed down for the time being. Having a dedicated and quality software development company by your side to outsource your work will enable you to adhere to these recommendations and keep business going.

By working with a company like intellectsoft, you’re not only getting a quality software company to outsource your work to, but you’re also receiving a customizable and useful plan to get you the tech you need.

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