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Protect Your Kids From Cyber Threats At Home During COVID-19

by Abeerah Hashim
protect kids from cyber threats

Here we note down some quick ways through which you can protect your kids from cyber threats while keeping them busy at home.

1. Secure DNS – For Families

The first thing to do with your home network is to make it safe for kids. Cloudflare have launched for Families to protect your home network. It comes with two different configurations for different security layers, (No Malware) & (No Malware or Adult Content).

Cloudflare have also pledged to provide more configuration options to users for customized privacy settings.

2. Restrict Unsolicited Content – AgeBlock App

UK-based security firm AVSecure have launched an app named ‘AgeBlock’ for content restrictions. This app is especially helpful for parents to protect their kids from any content that is not suitable for their age group.

AgeBlock claims to block over 4 million adult websites, blocks proxies and VPNs that potentially allow bypassing content restrictions, and sets search engines and YouTube to ‘Safe’ mode for safe searching. It also restricts various social networking sites for kids’ safety.

The app is based per device to include an administrator level to block content the moment your child connects to the internet on his/her device.

AgeBlock is presently available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Try Parental Control Apps

In the past, we have reviewed numerous parental control apps or spy apps to keep track of your child’s device. Certainly, now is that time that you can use these apps to ensure your kids spend their extra time on the internet in a safe manner. Some of these include mSpy, Hoverwatch, iKeyMonitor, and Google’s Family Link for parents.

4. Keep Your Kids Engaged Yet Safe

In addition to applying basic restrictions online, you can also keep your kids engaged in a safe and friendly way. Let them spend their time on the internet as they want while keeping them busy with engaging tools that not only entertain them but also make them aware of online security.

For instance, the “Cybersecurity Activity Book” by Balbix is a 12-page printable book for kids. It has different fun-filled activities, such as coloring pages and a crossword puzzle, to engage kids productively.

Likewise, you can also engage your kids in some learning stuff with apps like Khan Academy or Teach Your Monster to Read.

Stay safe everyone!

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