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Exporting Email from Thunderbird Without Hassle

by Mic Johnson

Today, the Mozilla Corporation no longer supports its mail clients. More and more users wish to abandon the system due to its vulnerabilities. MS Outlook is a popular choice, as it is widely used for professional correspondence. Whatever your motive, migration involves a few challenges. Luckily, there is a way to complete it quickly and efficiently.

The range of mail clients today is incredible. Your move to the desktop-based system should be facilitated by powerful transfer tools. With a Thunderbird to Outlook converter free solution, you can export emails and evaluate the features of professional software. It is not just convenient – third-party tools present the only way to guarantee precision.

Clash of Formats

Life would be easier if everyone was using the same mail system. In reality, the transition from one environment to another requires conversion. In this case, your destination program stores data as *.PST, while the source recognizes *.MBOX files. The disagreement of formats is the norm, and it is the main source of complications.

Guides for manual transfer do exist, but their quality is dubious. None of these methods guarantee flawless performance, which means your data may be lost or distorted in the process. Would you risk damaging your sensitive information? If you are still willing to try, consider the following sequence.

Transfer Through Gmail

It is not enough to have both clients installed – you will also need Gmail. It functions as an intermediary for the transformation of the data. Accuracy may vary. It is not advisable to use the method for important information.

  1. Head to the Google Mail Settings. Choose “Forwarding POP/IMAP” and activate IMAP. This is necessary to configure your account to Thunderbird.
  2. Head to the Thunderbird Account Settings. Choose “Email” under “Create a new account.” Proceed to “Skip this and configure with existing email.”
  3. In the Mail Account Setup window, fill in the necessary details, and choose “Continue.”
  4. In the pop-up window, click on the IMAP server and click “Done.”
  5. Create a Google Mail folder and export data from the Mozilla-based client there.
  6. Configure MS Outlook to Gmail (via IMAP).
  7. Download data from your Gmail account.

It is also possible to move emails through drag-and-drop. Here, you drag the necessary data into a newly created desktop folder and drop it into MS Outlook. Although the procedure looks simple, it is not suitable for large volumes of data. Moreover, data loss or distortion is still possible. Only some editions of Outlook are compatible (2010, 2013-2016).

Professional Solutions

Today, the transfer is quick and smooth via third-party tools only. These are lightweight pieces of software developed especially for transfer between the clients. Suitable for all skill levels, they offer a user-friendly and intuitive solution.

This is the only way to avoid data corruption. Choose the source folder and let the system handle the rest. The entire process takes a few minutes. The key benefit is guaranteed precision – all of the emails, including attachments and images, remain intact.

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