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Essential Advantages of Using Vue.JS for Building Applications

by Mic Johnson

There are a lot of factors influencing the success of your web application. The right choice of technologies is one of them. However, making the right choice about which technology will become the core of your project is a solid chance to speed up the development process, come up with a bug-free and user-friendly product demanded by the market, and save your resources.

This article will consider the advantages of vue.js to develop a project, plus its limitations and use cases. Let’s get to the point.

Top Well-Known Projects Powered by Vue.JS

According to the Montrail study, 92% of their respondents will be utilizing Vue.js for their next projects. What is more, this technology is already used by leading companies from different industries worldwide. For example, Vue was used for Netflix – one of the most popular video content provider developments. Its best features were also utilized to create Grammarly – an AI-powered writing assistant. It is used by Behance – the top platform for designers to share their creative results. And the list of notable projects powered by Vue is endless since it has many powerful features.

1.   Easy to Get Started With

One of the most essential benefits of the vue.js framework is its tiny size, making it very easy to get started. Downloading it takes no time since the actual size of the framework is only 18 Kb. For comparison, the size of Angular.js is 111 Kb.

What is more, Vue.js is very easy to master. You don’t need in-depth technical knowledge and innovative skills  – the basic possession of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS will be enough to start dealing with the technology.

2.   Detailed and Clear Documentation

The documentation provided by Vue is evident and concise. This is one reason why Vue is ranked second in the Most Loved Web frameworks list in the Stack Overflow 2020 survey. And this is also one more reason why Vue.js is so easy to master and integrate into your project.

3.   Great Community Support

The most popular, applicable, and remarkable frameworks for web development always have fantastic communities, and this is the case with Vue.js as well. Community members are very active and ready to assist – 41 thousand Vue-tagged hot questions on Stack Overflow confirms it.

4.   Wide Talent Pool Availability

As for Vue-powered project management, it is not challenging to find Vue Js developers worldwide. The ease of access to the talent pool speeds up the development process and allows you to hire vue.js developers almost instantly. What is more, there will be no issues with replacing a team member since Vue can be mastered even by novice developers quite quickly.

5.   Suitable for Different Projects

Vue is perfectly suitable for Single Page Applications with a huge architecture and modular structure. However, because of its ease of integration with other technologies, it can also be safely used to create different components and then assemble an app from them. Further, we will also explain when using Vue for web development makes the most sense based on the project specifics.

6.   Performance Boosting

Its progressive nature is one of the main vue.js benefits. It makes this technology a perfect fit if you need to boost the performance of an already existing solution. What is more, you don’t need to rewrite the whole code using Vue. You may do it gradually instead, making your app more efficient and powerful step by step. The process promises to be easy as a pie with Vue, considering the benefits listed above.

7.   Future-Oriented

There are some trends in Vue.js development that allow forecasting its popularity growth. According to a State of JavaScript survey, Vue.hs has 92% user satisfaction. So, using this technology for your project now, you may be sure that you are going to come up with a compelling product that will be easy to scale and update in the future.

But Are There Any Drawbacks?

In addition to all the benefits of using vue.js for building an app, there are also some limitations to Vue.js. Fortunately, they are easy to overcome if you approach your next project’s development wisely and have a reliable technology consultant nearby. Here are some of the Vue.js downsides you should know about as well.

  • According to tech experts, Vue is not the best fit for very large-scale projects. However, you may safely use it for creating some parts of the app and then integrate them with the others. Even though Vue has some limitations to be the primary technology for large project development, it is still easily integrated with other tools.
  • Too much flexibility provided by Vue may be risky for extensive project development as well. Your development team may spend too much time arguing which way to go if there are too many options.
  • Vue doesn’t have as many plugins as Angular and React. However, there is great hope that this is just a matter of time.

How to Make Sure Vue.JS Is Suitable for Your Next Project

We have already listed why to use vue.js for your startup; however, the analysis of its benefits doesn’t give a clear idea of the practical use cases of this technology. So, the next important question regarding Vue is when to use it. Here are the prominent use cases where the power of Vue is fully revealed.

Your App is Going to Be Interactive and Animated

Vue is easy to integrate with many other tools, which is also true if you need to create an interactive application with tons of animated elements. Vue has awesome <transition> and <transition-group>components which allow developers to easily embed animated elements of HTML and non-HTML nature.

You Need to Come up with an MVP ASAP

Since Vue doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge, only basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills, you can write Vue components using these tools only. Showcasing an MVP as soon as possible is crucial for modern application development since the users’ preferences change faster then developers come up with the products to satisfy the demand. Vue.js allows fast prototyping and creating the essential features of the app without losing quality. This is the way of cutting your development costs as well.

You Need a Lot of Integrations

If you are going to create an app that will be integrated with existing ones, Vue may be the best choice. The Single Page Application created with its help may be easily integrated with multi-page and server-rendered solutions. What is more, Vue can be a supportive tool for apps built with heavier frameworks such as Angular.js or Laravel.

You Want Your App to Be Progressive

A progressive web application is a trendy and reasonable choice for projects that want to provide close-to-native experience but still avoid the official application marketplaces’ requirements. Vue.js allows for creating progressive features with the help of Vue CLI (pre-installed set of features perfectly suitable for PWAs). It becomes an even more ideal choice if your PWA takes the form of a game or any other interactive solution.


As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to using vue.js for your web project. This technology is particularly suitable if you want to create a Single Page Application with many interactive elements. The ease of mastering makes Vue the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who wish to develop their tech solution on their own, or with less support from the outside. Its flexible and progressive nature allows Vue to improve the already existing solutions or come up with something simple, speedy, but still powerful. Indeed, this technology is not the all-in-one solution, so you should use it wisely and carefully compare its positive features with other tools.

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