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5 Best Parental Control Software 2020

by Mic Johnson
Apple removed parental control apps

In 2020, the mobile usage has increased vehemently. There were more app downloads, social media engagements than ever. As it was a very popular mode of communicating, every child was doing that. This has left parents worried about the safe online conduct of their children.

You can click this to know how parents are using spy softwares to keep an eye on the well being of their children. With increase in phone usage, there was also a directly proportional increase in the spy applications. 

Of the very many spy softwares available in the industry, there are only some reliable names like Minspy. As a web based spy application, Minspy proves to be the most trusted spy application by parents around the world.

Below are the names of the 5 best parental softwares of 2020 that will make you an informed parent:

1. Minspy

In order to cater to the increased demand of a reliable spy software, technology giants came up with a lot of applications. If you search online, you will find many alternatives that cater to the issues. But, are all of them reliable? Should you settle with something that costs you the least?

Minspy tops the leader board when it comes to spy applications. It has a very amazing stealth mode and stealth features built in into the very software. This ensures that there is absolutely no data leakage when it comes to Minspy. So, your information and the information of your children will be totally discreet.

It would be one of the first things to happen to any parent to get caught while spying on their children. Plus, if the children know that they are being spied on, they will change their conduct. So, Minspy never leaks your secret out. 

Secretive Parental Control

Minspy will protect your spy secret. Your child would never know that you have been spying. You can spy on them without even touching their phones, which would mostly be password locked. 

No Jailbreaking through your Child’s Phone

Minspy keeps information to the minimum. With as little as just your email, you can start spying on your children. For that, you would not need to root or even jailbreak through the target device. You can be totally at ease with the processes. 

If your children have an iPhone, then all you need to know are just their iCloud credentials. They could be anywhere in the world, and you could see what they are upto. You do not need to even touch their phones.

If your children have an Android phone, you need to download the Minspy app. This might look risky but it is totally safe. After downloading, you can hide the app almost instantaneously. 

You can still function totally discreetly. Your children will never notice about the app as it has been designed to weigh only 3 MB. So, be it Android or iPhone, you can spy on either of them with no inhibitions.

Attractive Key Features

You can know everything that your children are doing with their phone. You can see their call list, call timings, messages, social media updates and chats, library of apps, their GPS location and even their vital keystrokes.

Even if they are deleting certain texts that could get them in trouble, you would be able to see them. You can totally assess whether they are in the right company. You can also have a first hand view at their priorities. 

Trusted Parental Control App

Spying on your children with just any cheap and random app can get you and your children in a tricky situation. It enhances the risk of data leakage. You can only trust a reliable and coveted name like Minspy.

There is a reason why Minspy has a large client base. People trust Minspy with its security and stealth mode. The kind of data security Minspy provides, no other app does the same. 

2. Spyier

Spyier is a superb spy application that also proves to be a very good alternative for parents to spy for their children. It also has a stealth mode that keeps spying discreet. It ensures that you can see almost anything that your children do with their phones. 

3. Spyine

Spyine is a very reliable spy application. It has all the amazing features one can expect from a spy application. It has been helping parents around the world to ensure the safety of their children. 

It has a great demand as a parental control softwares as it eases out all the stress points that parents face. The application is also well acclaimed by critics. 

4. Spyic

Spyic is also a very trustworthy name when it comes to spying. The application also has a very reliable stealth mode and a very secretive conduct of information. Spyic is very user friendly and within no time, you can be totally at ease with this application.

5. Neatspy

Neatspy offers a very neat interface. For people who are newly using spy applications, it still is very easy to operate with. The app is clean and reliable in its usage and has a record of satisfied clientele. 


While all the above mentioned spy applications have attained a very satisfied customer base, you can click this to find out what distinguishes Minspy from others. It caters to the user interests in ways that no spy application even thinks of. 

As a concerned parent, you can not put the safety of your children at stake and you just can’t zero down on any random spy application. You would not find your interests to be as protected anywhere compared to Minspy. There is a reason why this app has become a platform that parents can rely upon. 

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