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A Comparison Between Premium VPNs Versus Free VPNs

by Mic Johnson

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technological update that masks your IP address to change the geographic location of your device. VPNs are used to access geo-restricted content by connecting you to a server from a country that is not geo-restricted. Well, you usually see two choices in the VPN, and it is to either pay the price for it or use it for free. This is what we are going to discuss in this blog here.

Why Some VPNs a Free While Others Are Not?

Well, you surely cannot expect everything perfect from a free product, and the same idea is implacable on the VPNs. Some VPNs that you find free are great in a few things, but indeed, they are flawed in several other things while the ones that are paid are usually flawless in everything that you need from a VPN. Here are a few things that you might find different among free VPNs and premium VPNs.

  • Servers and Countries

Suppose you are using a VPN for Netflix and are looking to access a specific Netflix library from your region. In that case, you will need a VPN with servers from that specific country, and that is where the first difference between free and premium VPNs comes in. Free VPNs usually have servers from only specific countries, and even the number of servers that they offer are limited. But premium VPNs are seen to offer thousands of servers from 100s of countries, and this is why people usually prefer premium VPNs.

  • Fast and Uninterrupted Browsing or Streaming

Another important difference between these VPNs is the speed that they provide. Premium or paid VPNs are tested to be faster and better in streaming or browsing as compared to free VPNs. If you wish to go with the best experience in streaming or browsing, then your ultimate choice should be premium VPNs.

  • Security

Now, this is one point that people don’t usually compromise, and this is where the free VPN becomes a choice that people don’t go for. You are usually exposed to a lot of threats when you are using a free VPN because it usually makes no measures to protect it against any security threats. However, premium VPNs do take this idea quite seriously and make considerations on protecting your data and identity.

  • Offers Support

Well, when you are paying the price for something, the company usually cares about you and same is the case with premium VPNs. They provide you with support over chats and emails and can solve any problems that you are facing. This gets your user experience with the VPN better.

  • VPN Blockers by Streaming Sites

In an interview, a Senior Editor at StreamingRant said: Streaming sites in the contemporary times have started to block the VPNs. Their VPNs blocking technology detects the VPN and thus at times, even using a VPN might not work for accessing DisneyPlus or Netflix. But, with some premium VPN providers, you can access it easily as they have also started to work on anti-VPN blocking technology and are not able even to bypass that.”

Risks and Problems That You Might Face with Free VPNs

  • They Track Your Data and Might Sell It

One of the possible risks that most people do not compromise is their data being sold, and free VPNs might do this. They usually are not responsible for anything that happens to you while you are using it, and thus, they often go for selling your data to other entities. This might, at times, put you in risk, and it is better not to use a free VPN.

  • Constant Interruptions

Free VPNs usually earns from ads, and this is the reason that you see a lot of ads during your streaming and browsing with these VPNs. It might be one of the most frustrating and irritating things that you can have while you are streaming a show or movie. Thus, for a better streaming experience, it is recommended to use a paid VPN.

  • They Provide Weak or Crackable Security

Operating on a solid security network infrastructure might cost companies a lot and free VPNs thus focus the least on these things. They are not concerned about security and thus provide weak or crackable security. So, you might be exposed to cyberattacks while using free VPNs.

When Is It Okay to Use Free VPN?

Though there are a number of flaws in free VPNs at times, they can be useful. Such as if you are on a short trip and want to access weakly geo-blocked site back home or want just a little protection over a public wi-fi you can use the free VPNs. But you will have to accept the limitations of the free VPNs. However, we recommend you to go for VPNs that are paid because these VPNs are faster and more secure than the free ones. Also, they might not cost you much and are available at as low as $2/month if you buy its yearly plans.

So, the comparison done above has clearly stated that premium VPNs beats the free VPN all ends up and is recommended whenever you are accessing geo-restricted content or sites. However, the free VPN can be useful only when you need a little support of VPN and are not willing to pay for it.


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