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Top 5 Locations for Offshore Outsourcing Software Development

by Mic Johnson

Software outsourcing has become a common trend these days. Numerous businesses are following this path to reap the benefits that an offshore software outsourcing company offers. Remote working and remote employees provide higher levels of convenience and ease to both the parties without compromising on the quality.

There are an ample number of countries that have come ahead and marked its name as the best offshore software service provider, making it difficult for business owners to choose the best amongst them. Here in this article, we will list down the top five offshore outsourcing software development countries in the world:


Software outsourcing in Vietnam is gaining worldwide recognition and excels in offering software development services at feasible prices. As per the CIO magazine, it has been stated that outsourcing your project development tasks to Vietnamese companies can save you a lot of money. There are various offshore web development companies in the country boundaries that can get the software development done for the clients at very low prices in comparison to other developed countries.

Ranging from efficient management of products to on-time delivery, the offshore outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam take care of all the parameters for efficient and competent delivery of software products to their clients.

Also, the Vietnamese people are known for their hard work and tend to work for long hours, which is a sign that you can get your project completed in a short time span. You can also expect all the client support and follow-ups from the dedicated team who will be happy to assist you with all your queries and change requests.

South Africa

South Africa is another destination where you can get connected with top software development companies. South Africa holds its name high, talking in terms of the rich culture and traditions that prevail in the country. Also, you won’t have to face any language bars because English is a language that is accepted all over the country and holds prime importance in the business sector. In fact, this language is also being used for state and parliamentary proceedings.

So if you have been skeptical about how you would communicate your needs to an offshore web development company in South Africa, you can rest down your worries as most of the software outsourcing companies have employees who are well versed in English and thus can gain an easy understanding about your project.


The Philippines is another popular country that houses more than thousands of offshore software outsourcing companies. Ranging from small to medium and large-sized; there are numerous offshore software development companies in the country that hold its name high in providing the best software development services.

In all, you can say that the Philippines is in all an offshore software outsourcing hub where you can find a solution to all your software development needs. The companies employ a wide range of talent pools that aim to deliver quality work and full-on technical support throughout the development process. Also, the cost of living in the Philippines is comparatively cheaper than that of other western and high standard living countries, so you can expect budgeted prices.


Ukraine is considered one of the topmost leading IT destinations in the European continent and has a wide talent pool of skilled and experienced software developers. It is said that the education system in Ukraine is very strong and thus produces expert and knowledgeable IT professionals who are well versed in technology and business practices.

Owing to all these reasons, the Ukrainian tech professionals are emerging out as the strongest contestants in fetching offshore software outsourcing projects. More and more clients are handing over their projects to Ukraine-based offshore software development companies to get high-quality work delivered in the decided timeframe.


India has risen as one of the highly sought software outsourcing destinations and witnesses an array of clients from all over the world throughout the year. Numerous foreign companies are considering establishing a base in India for handing over offshore companies with their software development tasks. One can expect reliable and cost-effective software development solutions by picking on an offshore software development company from India.

There is a wide range of businesses that have been entrusting their software development work to Indian offshore companies and are served with the end result that meets all the industry standards. Cost is another reason why businesses are looking up to Indian companies as they can get quality work at highly feasible prices, searching value for money.

Also, if you are confused if Indians can speak English and can gain a thorough understanding of your project or not, then you need to know that almost all the companies employ people who are well versed in English, and thus language barriers are not a limitation any more. The experts can speak English with proficiency and fluency; therefore, there are no chances of miscommunications and confusion that can creep up while working on your project.


The afore-mentioned countries are known for their offshore software development services, but this is not the end; there are various other countries that have a renowned name in providing development offshore outsourcing services across the world. You can pick on anyone depending on which company ticks all the right boxes of your selection list.

Saigon technology, one of the most renowned software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, is known for its excellence in serving multiple clients worldwide. Not only do they deliver quantity, but quality and that too budgeted prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Get connected with the Saigon experts and be ready to witness a world full of opportunities and success that comes your way once you have quality software developed and designed by these professionals.

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