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Brosix – Keep Your Employees Connected With This Secure Messaging App

by Abeerah Hashim
Brosix app

Today, the market is full of various instant messaging apps for personal communications. However, finding a good chat platform for formal use is a bit tricky. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for one, Brosix messaging app should not be missed. With robust features, secure communication, and ease of use, you won’t face problems while communicating with your team over Brosix.

Brosix Messaging App – Quick Review

Brosix is a dedicated messaging app for businesses allowing teams to stay connected on the go. Launched in 2006, Brosix has been around for years helping businesses by facilitating smooth communication.

The platform differs from most conventional IM apps in that it mainly focuses on business chats. Hence, you don’t have to transform your personal messaging app into a business one.

Top Features

With Brosix, you get all the features you need to communicate with your team. Here we quickly highlight the most noteworthy and useful features of the Brosix app.

Multiple Chat Modes

Since business communications aren’t limited to texts, Brosix supports better quality chats over audio and video. It means you can conduct virtual meetings with all team members without having to physically gather at one place.

Communication Control

Since Brosix promotes better business chats, it gives superior control over communications to the team heads. The users can create custom accounts for their team members, deciding the customizable options for various accounts.

Moreover, they can also create and personalize groups by departments, cities, and countries, manage chat rooms, and control chat app features.

Robust Chat Encryption

When apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram offer security for personal communications, why can’t business communications be secured?

Brosix respects your privacy, and thus, protects your communication by applying a robust AES-256 bits encryption. It means all your conversations and files shared through this platform remain safe from snoopers.

Smooth Collaboration

Brosix is designed keeping in mind the need for official communication. Thus, it offers different dedicated features to let you communicate smoothly with your team regardless of where you are. Some of these features include screen sharing, P2P file sharing, whiteboard, co-browsing, chat history retrieval, spell check, and more.

Multi-Platform Support

Remote communicating apps are of no use if they do not give you the liberty to continue communications with all your devices.

Brosix considers the importance of connectivity. Hence, it offers dedicated clients for all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Also, for those who look for a quick connection with the team without installing the app, Brosix offers a web app.

Installation Process

Installing the Brosix messaging app on any device isn’t difficult. However, before installation, you need to sign up for the service via their website.

Simply visit their sign-up page and provide the required details. Here we elaborate on the steps to create the account.

1. Enter the email address you wish to create your account with and your name.

Brosix app sign up

2. Enter your business phone number.

3. Set up a name for your team.

Brosix app team name

4. Enter a secure password. You may also use a password manager to create secure passwords.

5. Brosix will send a verification code to your email address, which you need to enter at the last step. Then click on the “Activate your team” button to proceed.

Brosix app activation

If you want to download the messaging app on your device, you can download it here and proceed with the installation.

Once installed, you can then sign-in to enter the messaging app and invite your team members.

To facilitate users, the vendors have shared various detailed video tutorials demonstrating the installation process and use of the app.

The following video demonstrates the Brosix installation on Windows systems.

Brosix App Pros and Cons

Overall, Brosix is a decent app with plenty of features supporting business chats. What we particularly liked about Brosix is the implementation of AES-256 encryption that even apps like Zoom lacked previously.

Plus, the app is very easy to use. It gives better control to the users to create and communicate with specific teams, thus promoting a corporate ambiance for important chats.

The only issue with Brosix that most users have also noticed is its somewhat classic design. But of course, given the premium app features, this downside becomes less important.

Brosix App Subscription Plans

Brosix gives a free hand to the customers to assess the app’s usefulness for their business needs. Thus, they offer a 14-day trial to the first-time users offering all premium features.

The app also comes with a free subscription plan facilitating small teams. Though, this plan lacks numerous worthy features that the paid plans offer for the users.

What Bunny rating does it earn?

Brosix is a wonderful messaging platform for businesses to communicate with each other whilst also ensuring ones privacy. This is particularly important in today’s scenario when almost all businesses globally have become dependent on online chat tools with the threat of cybersecurity breaches having significantly increased.

It should be noted that the core behind Brosix is provided via a private team network, and the team members are not allowed to communicate with someone outside their network, which prevents them from sending sensitive data to the wrong person. In addition, most of their features are Peer to Peer which means they do not keep data on the cloud or server.

Brosix has everything to surpass most business communication tools. Therefore, Brosix has safely earned our rating of 4.5 out of 5 bunnies from our side.


Despite lots of messaging apps flooding the market, Brosix has managed to gain traction owing to its specified customer base. It’s a decent app catering to the needs of formal and business communications among big and small teams.

It is particularly useful for people who have to rely on Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook for remote communication. With its robust encryption, the Brosix app ensures the utmost security of all sensitive chats and data, hence, securing your team.

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