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How to Sign a PDF Online?

by Mic Johnson

Electronic signatures make it simpler for members of record administration, workers of human resources, and executives in a number of sectors. The technology encourages these workers with limited effort to acquire signatures from clients and staff and maintain key documentation and records. 

Gone are the times of hard copies of papers being typed, mailed, or scanned. E-signature technologies, though, have not become universal everywhere, but simple infrastructure is in place to accelerate creativity in even some of the most restrictive industry sectors .

Digital signatures are the most valuable components of an e-signature application, and by using an electronic signing process, one can improve confidentiality, legal legitimacy, and record management quality. 

One of the digital signatures that can be found on the web is from https://signaturely.com/ where anyone can create a free account and avail great features.

Generally speaking, without the help of a digital signature, the development of an electronic signature can not exist in an official environment. One can sign all kinds of documents via e-signs, in this article, we’ll be seeing how to Sign a PDF Online using a reliable e-sign solution like CocoSign.

CocoSign: The Best E-Sign Solution to Sign a PDF Online

By focusing on customization, customer support, & best eSignature plan, CocoSign adds a new perspective to the business. it offers   one of the most affordable on the market. 

The powerful API of CocoSign helps you to incorporate signing options into your papers and completely label them. The business also complies with all global eSignature laws worldwide and has a range of modifications. With over 200,000 users, CocoSign is the most common solution for eSignature. Convenient and simple-to-use, the app interfaces with a wide variety of third-party tools. 

CocoSign also puts a heavy focus on confidentiality, both for information storage and the eSignature process, and in both Europe and the US as well as other parts of the world, it has several high-level security certifications.

Here’s how you can sign a pdf via CocoSign…

Steps to sign the Pdf online using CocoSign

Step 1: Choose Your PDF Document 

To select a format, click on ‘Upload’. 

Step 2: Create a signature 

To generate a new signature, click on ‘Sign’ and then ‘Attach Signature’. To create a signature, there are 3 methods: 

  1. Type in your name, then 
  2. Using your mouse or trackpad, sketch your signature 
  3. Upload a photo that has your signature 

Type your signature with the 

Enter your name and pick the look that you like best. Over 10 handwriting types can be picked. Draw your signature 

Draw the signature on the screen using your mouse, trackpad or pointer unit. Add the signature to a PDF page. 

Step 3: Add signatures 

Expand the drop-down Sign Menu and pick your signature. Scroll down the list and click where you want it to be placed. 

By moving it to its corners, you will resize the signature.

Benefits of Signing Pdf via CocoSign

Below are stated the Benefits of Signing Pdf via CocoSign, have a look…

Secured & Protected 

 CocoSign’s Signatures are an encrypted file that moves until the agreement has been concluded with the electronic record that needs to be authenticated and returned with it. The file includes and records metadata about where the electronic record has gone and which accounts have opened it, the IP address of the signatory computers, the exact timing of the connection, and other key details. 

All  of this information preserves the signature ‘s authenticity. These signatures that capture the computer on which an electronic contract is signed records the usernames and passwords of the person signing the form and captures the pathway that offers several layers of signature authentication for the data exchanged between destinations, securing the signing process in its entirety.

Online Sign and Fill PDF 

Not only can you sign online PDFs with our free online signature app, you can also fill out your forms online by adding text, choosing checkboxes, entering the current date, initialising where appropriate, etc. The details on how to sign a PDF and fill out your forms online are presented above.

Keep the Signatures Save 

For a considerable period of time, an electronic archive has to be kept, with the length depending on various business rules. Being able to check that the signature has not been altered over time is also significant.

A digital signature added to the electronic signature features the underlying technology that can indicate when the form has been abused. In essence, it is a digital watermark on the e-signature that verifies the completion of the contract and seals the register. In the digital signature, something that violates the seal is registered, making it incredibly hard to tamper with the electronic file.

Sign PDF, Word, IMG, TXT, XLS Files

You will also generate electronic signatures on your Word papers, Excel files, and scanned documents in PNG and JPEG formats, as well as TXT and RTF files, in addition to signing your PDF using our e-signature programme. 

Sign in the manner you like 

You can sign your PDF the way you want with CocoSign’s 30 days free trial online signature app. To build an electronic signature, it provides three different options: draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad, type your name, or scan your signature image and upload it to the paper.

Signature security on mobile devices 

Smartphones and tablets are now pervasive technical devices, and they are ideal for e-signing as far as convenience is concerned. However, the security and data protection features needed to have the same degree of user authenticity as standard PCs do not feature them.

By gathering vital metadata in a customised format, a digital signature works around this problem. It can be programmed to perform the role if you need a digital signature to obtain more user identification data to validate a person using a smartphone. 

The effect is an operating environment in which consumers can sign electronic forms on a mobile device securely without causing any danger.


There is no doubt that e-signs have rapid businesses up to a great extent. But while you are looking for an e-sign service to sign pdf files, contracts, & agreements, it is advised to choose a reliable one like CocoSign. 

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