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BIMI: your reliable deliverability improvement tool

by Mic Johnson

Tricking out email deliverability testing with Folderly: what’s BIMI?

The quality of any user’s email deliverability testing results depends on many factors. It’s vital that a marketer keep in order his sender score, domain health, get each of his domains and email accounts properly authenticated. However, the present article deals with another tool to be found in every wise salesman’s arsenal. No, it’s not an email spam tester this time. Now it’s high time we told you about the importance of BIMI. Why don’t we touch upon what it really is?

BIMI stands for a Brand Indicator for Message Identification. It’s purpose is the same as any other authentication protocol’s: proving the message has been sent from a verified email account. Besides, an enabled BIMI protocol shows the account belongs to a credible company, not some spammers. No email spam test can have problems with a verified user, right? 

Among the major advantages of keeping BIMI enabled there are such ones as:

  • user experience improvement;
  • a sender’s opportunity to fend off fraud; 
  • keeping your brand more consistent;

See? BIMI provides any user with not only better deliverability. The protocol also allows for achieving a higher safety level for one’s accounts and domains. 

BIMI as a major email deliverability testing tool: how many ESPs support it?

The biggest email service providers have spam protection to check whether a user’s credible or not. But does every ESP support BIMI? All in all, the protocol is relatively new. Many users tend to ask the following questions: “Can I really get my deliverability boosted by enabling BIMI? Maybe the thing’s unknown to the ESP I use to send emails.” To test BIMI or spam checkers of better quality (like Folderly’s) instead? We say that both are necessary! The more protection means are enabled, the better email deliverability testing results one gets. As for BIMI, there aren’t any reasons for worrying. Even though the list of providers implementing the protocol includes Google, Comcast and Verizon, your relationship with the ESP won’t be affected by using BIMI. On the contrary, the usage of BIMI is sure to boost your lead generation. There are no mysteries here: this tool ensures better transparency for a user’s every email activity. This way it’s much easier to build trust with prospects and clients. As soon as they start seeing they’ve nothing to be afraid of, they’ll get more receptive and ready for business communication. 

In case you have trouble with the proper application of BIMI, Folderly’s always there for you. Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. We know all about generating leads most effectively. 

BIMI for established brands: email deliverability testing alone not enough?

In b2b there’s rarely nothing to improve. “My email deliverability could be better” is quite a sound piece of criticism. Earlier in this article it was mentioned that BIMI’s needed to confirm that some brand is an established one. However, you may ask something like that: “Do I really need BIMI if I’ve already proved my brand’s alright?” Mant brand owners tend to say: “I don’t need to test anything, my email delivery rate is high enough”. Nevertheless, issues can be found even in the activities of companies that have been around for long enough. Are you sure that all of your company’s logos are represented? By “all logos” we mean the ones of each of the company’s departments. For instance, suppose one’s Marketing Department has its own domain, log etc. In this case, in case each of the department’s properties requires its own BIMI record. Everything related to some company has to be represented with a logo of its own. Otherwise, your logos’ absence of consistency is sure to have a negative impact on the deliverability and performance of campaigns. You don’t want to kiss your good sender score goodbye, do you?

BIMI’s necessity for startups’ brand identification: expect more from email deliverability testing 

For cold b2b campaigns emailing effectiveness is essential. Depending on how well it’s organized one’s b2b activities either generate sales leads effectively or not. As new businesses, startup companies usually require to be distinguished among similar projects especially badly. It’s always most crucial for a new company to introduce its brand and logo maximum quickly. This way the company’s owner will have an opportunity to make a good first impression. Besides, a company with properly presented professional indicators is more visible to potential customers. Thus, bailing on enabling BIMI for each of your logos may bring to really unpleasant results. 

A task like this is too important to fail. Businessmen with little experience in such matters are always highly advised to think twice before doing it themselves.  More than 53% companies run into the lack of popularity and lose their profits just because they haven’t been able to introduce themselves the right way. Luckily, Folderly’s always there for you.  We’ve got who are online 24/7 and can be contacted via our Folderly’s website. Why make serious mistakes when you can get somebody to do this for you?

Installing BIMI: make your email deliverability testing more powerful

In b2b no sale lead is to be sacrificed. Those understanding it try to master enabling BIMI as soon as they start improving their sender score. Is there anything difficult about doing it right? Not at all. The following is what’s needed when installing BIMI. 

  1. SPF / DKIM / DMARC. These are the records that are meant to be what one’s marketing stands on.  It’s not advised that you start improving anything until a user is sure these protocols have no issues. 
  2. Create a new TXT record. This is done by accessing your domain host’s DNS records and making a TXT file to create a new entry. The created record is to be published in a certain domain  area, namely “default_bimi”. This area is found under the domain’s second level. For instance, after all these operations the owner of the website “www.b2b services.com” will see something like default._bimi.b2bservices.com”.
  3. Don’t forget about SVG. In case with this type of logo a vector SVG image be prepared. Thus, be sure to have a good designer in the staff who’ll make such an image for you. The next steps will be generating an image URL, adding it to the BIMI record, publishing and confirming changes.  

BIMI’s influence on email deliverability testing effectiveness: let’s conclude

Things able to stand in a user’s way to success in b2b business aren’t limited to spam only. A good checker reveals email deliverability issues with many little things  overlooked by marketers. One of those little nuances that you should keep in mind is the BIMI protocol. As it’s obvious from what was described above, there’s nothing difficult about enabling BIMI. But why is it important? 

In short, this protocol allows for seeing that customers and prospects deal with a consistent and credible brand. As a result, people won’t have any reasons for doubting that  your product’s worth their attention. 

Surely, performing all the described operations needed to have a properly working BIMI protocol is a piece of cake for experienced users. But where should beginners look for assistance? Most probably, they’ll look for professional help with their marketing issues. So, why not choose us? Folderly is years of expert help and hundreds of happy clients. Let’s hope that’ll be enough for you to subscribe to us.

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