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by Mic Johnson

While you may think you have your cyber security sorted, you may not have yourself covered fully. Like most individuals and companies we’re sure you use strong antivirus and sandboxing technologies to keep your online files secure, which is all well and good. However, with malware morphing faster than ever before, these technologies often find themselves a step behind. We’re here to explain why now is the right time to step up your security solutions, to safeguard you and just as importantly your business files.

During 2021 the total damage from cyber crime resulted in $6 trillion. 

Here at Glasswall we protect organisations from file-based threats, these come in the form of cyber attacks, hacking etc, and there are many new formats developing over time. With extensive knowledge in this field we are proud to state that we are a recognised leader in the field of content, disarm, and reconstruction (CDR). We use a patented, validated technology which is used by intelligence agencies around the world, to create safe, clean, and visually identical files. We analyse and regenerate files in real-time, giving your organisation protection against even the most persistent and complex file-based threats. We believe we are the experts, and can guarantee that you and your information will be in capable hands.

Did you know that roughly 70% of malware we have identified can be embedded within files? This means that when it is downloaded it is an unknown format, which your antivirus and sandboxing programmes cannot identify.

That is why we use CDR technology, to have this blindspot covered. CDR (content, disarm and reconstruction) is used in the government, intelligence, and defense space and is increasingly gaining traction across a large number of sectors, including financial and professional services such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Did you know there are 450,000 types of malware programs identified daily!

Not to alarm you, (but you really should know) that these malware advancements have caused most governments to recognise that cyberspace has joined the ranks of land, sea, air and space as the fifth contemporary battleground. This year NATO published its policy position on the importance of cybersecurity, describing it as a “core task of collective defence” for the 30 countries on both sides of the Atlantic that form the political and military alliance. 

This is why we have seen in recent months that there has been growing pressure on governments and US Congress to pass more rigorous and effective cybersecurity legislation. In practical terms, if governments made it a legal requirement for the public sector, we would see an increase in organisations capacity to make improvements and eke out any potential risks. 

To find out more about how we can help you, your files and your business become more secure and less vulnerable to cyber attacks please contact us here. We’re more than happy to help and assess the current ‘health’ of your system.

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