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3 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs a Dedicated IP

by Mic Johnson

The biggest companies in the world mostly consist of web-based businesses. We live in a digital era, and starting an online business is as profitable as it gets. Running one of these requires plenty of responsibilities starting from ensuring complete data security.

Getting a dedicated IP (or fixed IP) VPN solution is a popular way to do so. Let’s learn about the concept and see three reasons why your online business also needs a dedicated IP.

What’s a dedicated IP and how does it work?

Before learning its benefits, let’s look into what a dedicated or fixed IP is, and how it works. Keep in mind that if you use a VPN solution for your online business network, you’ll have two choices; either a shared or a dedicated IP address.

A dedicated IP is a unique identifier that is provided by a vendor to a single customer. These IPs mask your real IP and encrypt all the information flow to protect you from cyberattacks.

VPN vendors offer a dedicated server to run a specific IP and give all the control to only one of their customers. If you were to choose a shared IP solution, you would have to share the address with several “IP neighbors.”

Getting a dedicated IP address allows you to control the users on your network and restrict access as you like. Remember that by acquiring a dedicated IP, your company will be the only shareholder rather than using it with many others. So you can be sure all the data transfer and communication happening on your IP is protected against outside threats.

Another difference that distinguishes dedicated or fixed IPs from shared IPs is eliminating any possibility of being affected by other domains. If you are hosted in a shared IP, you’re identified as one with other users, and any bad activities of other owners can directly affect you.

In essence, dedicated IPs are a VPN solution that encrypts information and provides anonymous communication on the internet with an IP address that never changes and only belongs to a single owner.

Three reasons why your online business should get a dedicated IP

Since you know what a dedicated or fixed IP means, now we can talk about the three benefits that you also deserve in your online business. You can easily have a secure network and a more successful online company if you get VPN with fixed IP from a suggested provider.

1-) Secure & fast remote access

Nowadays, running a web-based business usually equals having remote employees. You can lower costs and increase productivity thanks to work-from-home team members. But you need a way to provide secure and fast remote access. If you don’t, then chances are you will have a compromised corporate network and an unproductive team.

Dedicated IPs create a private gateway between company resources and the end-user, so you can easily provide secure remote access. These solutions allow you to have a list of permitted users; so even if your employees are a thousand miles away, you can be sure about network security.

Getting a dedicated IP also contributes to a faster connection. Fixed IP addresses have much fewer contradictions than shared IPs, and fewer contradictions mean faster connection. Your employees will be thankful for the convenience and speed it provides.

2-) User verification & network segmentation

When you have an online business without a physical office, verifying users that access corporate data becomes crucial. Your employees’ devices might be stolen and a complete stranger may be accessing sensitive information. If you don’t segment your network this can cause even greater problems.

Well, a fixed IP can solve both of these problems. They provide improved user verification thanks to tools such as biometrics or 2FA. Let’s say your employee’s device is stolen; the burglar will not have access since the solution will require user verification.

You can also segment your network and specify access levels for each employee; so even if a part of your corporate network is somehow compromised, you can prevent it from infecting the other parts. Your team members shouldn’t see more than they need anyways.

3-) Stay off IP blacklisting & get a better IP reputation

If you use a shared IP solution, there is always the risk of getting blacklisted because of any illegal activity of one of your IP neighbors. Your IP reputation is also always evaluated by the collective actions of all domains on a shared IP. You can easily prevent these issues by migrating to a dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP gives you the power to decide your own faith. If you don’t perform illegal activities online, your IP will not get blacklisted, period. You’ll also have a better IP reputation as a result. This is because there is no one other than your team members that use this unique, private IP address.

Final thoughts: Get a dedicated IP VPN

As you can see, a dedicated IP brings increased protection from outside threats, network security, and a better IP reputation to your online business. You can have completely encrypted online communication and secure remote access just by migrating to a dedicated IP. Invest in a little bit more for a fixed IP and get a safer, faster, and better than ever corporate network.

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