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BinGoo- A Command Line Dorking Tool

by Tyler Loftus

What is BinGoo?

Welcome to BinGoo, the all-in-one dorking tool written in bash. It uses the main pages of Google and Bing to scale through large amounts of data provided in the search terms. it then sends back a list of links matching results. one of the best features is that it has precompiled dork lists that you can make your own list from.

After your links are ready you can move on to the Analyzing tools to test for common vulnerabilities. The results are then sorted and stored in the Bingoo directory. Many other tools are included like geo dorking, host checking and digger recon tool.

Select an an option for a links file

Enter a site address to test

How to Install

Installing is as simple as cloning the repo, making it executable and running the script in a terminal. Clone https://github.com/Hood3dRob1n/BinGoo.git, then chmod 777 BinGoo. Next navigate to the bingoo directory and run it with ./bingoo to open up the BinGoo console.


All in all this recon tool is very efficient and comes equipped with many valuable tools. I think it could do with an update but to sum it up we rate this one a 3/5 bunnies.

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