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c41n- An Automated Rogue WiFi Access Point Creator

by Tyler Loftus

This tool provides automated setup of rogue access points by setting up a DHCP server for the AP and can be run using user defined characteristics. C41n also allows users to be able to sniff HTTP traffic or set up a Captive Portal for credential sniffing. It was created to run in a command line and is easy to install on Linux machines.

c41n can be run through a bash shell in interactive mode or can be run in quick mode by running the script but adding the access point information like shown below. You can also specify quick mode commands for HTTP sniffing and Captive Portal.

./c41n <AP interface> <internet connection interface> <AP name> <AP channel>
./c41n sniff <AP interface> <internet connection interface> <AP name> <AP channel>
./c41n captive <ap interface> <internet connection interface> <AP name> <AP channel> <redirection parameter>

Interactive Mode

How to Install and run c41n

You can install dependencies manually with apt or pacman; the dependencies needed are net-tools hostapd dnsmasq and tcpflow. Or you can clone the repo, run the script to install dependencies automagically, then make c41n executable.

# git clone https://github.com/MS-WEB-BN/c41n/
# cd c41n
# sudo bash install.sh
# sudo chmod +x c41n

Installing c41n with the automated script

Installing c41n without the script is a little more time consuming but most Linux based systems already should have a lot of the dependencies pre installed, making installation even more simpler.

Screenshots of setting up Rogue AP

Setting up a Rogue AP

Running automatic returned interfaces and allowed me to chose a target and a listener then name the rogue AP and started capturing traffic. Below you will find a screenshot taken by the creator when running the program in captive portal mode. As you can see dnsmasq hostapd and tcpflow are all used to analyze the data returned from the capture. Screenshot taken from GitHub https://github.com/MS-WEB-BN/c41n

Screenshot from GitHub


This tool is super easy to install and even easier to use. Quick mode is very beneficial but I myself prefer Interactive mode. All in all this tool is rated 4/5 bunnies

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