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Top 5 Benefits of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

by Mic Johnson

Microsoft’s Office 365 advanced threat protection is a series of security tools for data protection and detecting unknown malware. Any company that uses Office 365 should explore what type of protection Microsoft offers in more detail. However, we’re here to tell you exactly what Office 365 advanced threat protection is and how it benefits your company.

Top 5 Benefits of Office 365 ATP

Given the operating scale of Office 365, companies must ensure the safety of critical data. The Office 365 suite includes premier tools that enhance collaboration and productivity. So it makes sense to use Microsoft’s ATP to safeguard company data and maintain business continuity.

But what exactly are companies getting with Office 365 ATP? Let’s explore that through these 5 benefits.

Scanning for Email Threats

Email is the perfect medium for sending malicious links, attachments, and other sophisticated threats that compromise your data. Hackers will target company employees through email using phishing attacks, business email compromises, and other malware. It is estimated that 25% of all email threats sneak into Office 365.

Protecting company emails and employee accounts should be a top priority. One way to do that is by using Microsoft’s advanced threat protection for email. The way ATP works is by scanning emails for malicious links and attachments and alerting your cybersecurity team of a possible attack.

More so, ATP ensures that company employees receive safe links free of malware or other possible advanced threats. ATP safe links ensure business continuity as it allows companies to implement anti-phishing policies.

Total Office 365 Protection

Even though email is an integral tool of Office 365, it does deserve a section of its own, as the majority of Microsoft’s ATP capabilities are geared towards this particular service.

On the other hand, the Office 365 suite includes a wide range of products including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, etc. These tools are by no means less important than email. As such, Office 365 advanced threat protection provides total protection of all Office 365 applications.

With ATP, companies rest assured knowing that team sites, shared databases, document libraries, contacts, and calendar data are protected. ATP’s primary role is to analyze recent threats and uncover techniques to detect malicious intent. Even if email is the primary medium for cyber attacks, that doesn’t mean we should stop threat investigation for other Office applications.

With Office 365 advanced threat protection, you get total protection for all Office 365 applications.

Document Decryption

One of the most recent advanced threat trends is using encryption to bypass corporate systems. Hackers have found clever ways to encrypt email attachments and thus prevent your antivirus from uncovering the malware. Since the encryption essentially adds a layer of difficulty, ATP can decrypt malicious emails to scan the attachments.

With ATP, companies are safe from the latest threats in the business world.

Email Encryption

Companies can encrypt emails for added security. Since companies communicate a lot through email, it makes sense to implement an encryption model where every employee gets access to a decryption key to decrypt incoming messages from coworkers.

Email encryption is standard with Microsoft’s ATP. With email encryption, companies know which emails are legitimate and which aren’t. Since every employee receives a decryption and encryption key, it’s easier to filter malicious code, malicious URLs, and harmful links through email.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the most harmful malware. Much like all other forms of malware, the primary venue for ransomware attacks is email. However, in recent times, ransomware attacks are infecting victims through Windows updates. This further reinforces the notion that ransomware protection is a top priority for any business that uses Office 365.

What makes ransomware so devastating is the simple fact that it encrypts your computer and asks for a ransom. While you’re sitting locked out of your system, you’ve got only two options – you pay or risk losing your data.

Ransomeware is at the very top of the list of most dangerous malware. Ransomware attacks can result in significant sales losses and even bankruptcy. It is estimated that 20% of all ransomware attacks lead to bankruptcy.

As such, companies should take ransomware protection very seriously. But with Microsoft’s advanced threat protection, companies are also getting a reliable ransomware deterrent.


As hackers and malicious actors are getting more creative by the day, companies wonder what clever methods of breaching internal systems are next. No doubt ransomware and phishing attempts are the most common ways to lose critical data.

But over the years, we’ve seen other advanced threats such as CEO fraud, spear phishing, and other evolving methods of already existing advanced threats. One way to stop all that is by using Microsoft’s advanced threat protection ATP.

Office 365 advanced threat protection works by scanning emails, endpoints, and monitoring suspicious network activity to identify these threats. Since the primary goal is to prevent potential attacks before they could do damage,it makes sense to protect your business with Office 365 advanced threat protection.

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