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Cybersecurity Visibility and why it is critical for defense

by Mic Johnson
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Threat hunting entails actively searching an IT environment for signs of recent and historical cyberattacks. Cyber threat hunters are security experts who proactively and repeatedly spot advanced attack trails and take appropriate action before any security measures create any alarms.

Vendors like cyberpion.com, for example, enable your team to have total awareness of the organization’s attack surface, including each dependence, and vulnerability across all assets with a public face. So that your staff may concentrate on fixing security concerns rather than detecting them. The automation of the discovery and inventory of your connections and assets increases your overall cyber visibility.

What Exactly is Cyber Security Visibility?

It’s crucial to consider security visibility from the perspective of IT security teams rather than from a technological standpoint. Your team is an invaluable resource for your security framework because they are familiar with its internal workings. Visibility is all about how much information security administrators can simply process with the current set of monitoring tools and observability designs.

Complete inventory scans and vulnerability assessments are required to have cybersecurity visibility into your network. Find the areas in your security strategy where there are gaps so you can start to fill them. Knowing what to defend is only one aspect of cybersecurity visibility. Knowing what to defend it from is equally important. A secure network requires the ability to recognize risks and comprehend them. Knowing how to protect your main asset depends on your ability to know where it starts and where it ends.

Cyber Security Visibility Categories

Cyber security visibility can be divided into three categories:

Technical Cyber Visibility

Any external dangers to your systems are referred to as technical visibility. You must first be aware of every element that has an impact on the firm before you can handle these forms of cyber security visibility. This is trickier than it seems, especially given how most contemporary networks are constructed. Every element’s current state, ownership details, and basic functionality should be included in a comprehensive inventory. Investment in a more sophisticated technical solution that prioritizes both detection and prevention may be necessary to truly understand a device’s state.

Operational Cyber Visibility

Processes and compliance are both covered by this phrase. Your data is easier to secure the more accessible it is. The time has come to sketch out how an audit may go and how the company would demonstrate accountability for its controls. You must determine the data that a user requires to be productive and contrast it with the data the user has access to. Regular maintenance will entail often activating and deactivating access to different systems. Because of its continual change, lifecycle management presents special difficulties for IT workers.

Organizational Cyber Visibility

Threats to a company’s reputation, brand, or intellectual property are referred to as having organizational visibility. This is typically the most difficult difficulty because the forest rather than the trees are the main emphasis. While you may mostly rely on easy cyber security solutions for the other two categories of cyber security visibility, organizational visibility also necessitates a significant amount of strategy. After all, brand harm is difficult to measure and frequently begins before business executives are aware of it.

Impact of the Digital Footprint

Several significant obstacles to security visibility are presented by an organization’s IT environment and growing digital footprint. Thanks to outdated URLs, rogue IP addresses, and assets obtained through acquisition, your organization’s digital footprint today is probably considerably bigger than you believe. Visibility into the security of your assets is hard if you don’t know what you have.

To Summarize

The ideal solution should combine data and logs from several security products into a single dashboard and employ analytics, visualizations, and data correlation to enable you quickly get a broad understanding of the security of your environment.

While individuals and data can readily migrate between cloud and on-premises environments, doing it securely can be difficult. To have the end-to-end visibility you require to lessen, detect, and respond to security risks more quickly and effectively, look for a solution that assists you in monitoring and securing your data and users across your IT infrastructure, from the cloud to on-premises.

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