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How to Opt For the Most High-Quality VPN Ever: Features and Criteria to Consider

by Mic Johnson

You may be looking for a high-quality VPN right now. You may need it for communication, streaming videos, or looking for information without being tracked.

There are a lot of VPNs on the market today (actually, over 300), and not all of them are equal in their service offered. Therefore, you should do thorough research before subscribing to the best one.

This article will help you  with specific criteria to ensure that you will make the best choice when selecting a VPN. One example is VpnToolBox.com.

What Do You Need a VPN For?

The best VPNs use secure software with high performance. There may be one or several reasons for using a VPN. Let’s consider some of them.

  1. All the family members may need to use your VPN, so choose one with multiple simultaneous connections.
  2. You want to stream movies and videos, so you need high speed, unrestricted bandwidth, and a reliable connection.
  3. You travel a lot and often use public Wi-Fi networks, so your VPN should offer complete security and have servers everywhere worldwide.
  4. You need to have access to the content and information that are geographically restricted, so your VPN should unlock any content.
  5. A secure VPN is essential if you are a journalist, working in some hot spots. It shouldn’t retain logs but provide secure encryption. You can check its security protocol and see whether it has a kill-switch feature.
  6. You may need to work in some countries where certain websites are restricted. For example, Facebook or Google is not available in China.
  7. You want to work from your home computer, and your company’s business information has to be reliably protected.
  8. You may want to surf the Internet in search of some sites (like gambling or hard-core) without being seen by your Internet provider.

We can name many other reasons. Think about which one is yours, and continue your search.

Points and Criteria to Pay Attention To

While choosing the best VPN for yourself, consider some of the following important factors

Free Trial

A reputable VPN service always provides its clients with a free testing period, even if the VPN is fee-paying. This will help in considering a service’s pros and cons and whether it is right for your needs.


Free VPNs are not mentioned here, while they have some advantages, they lack reliability. A company with an excellent VPN service is always fee-paying because it needs certain costs for maintaining the website and servers, further development, and promotion. In addition, free VPN providers usually sell their customers’ data to third parties, and soon you will start receiving many targeted ads and spam. Furthermore, free services can use outdated encryption software that can be easily cracked, and may have a low-speed connection to the network.

However, while choosing your subscription plan, consider how expensive it is. Costly services do not guarantee high quality either, so it is always worth trying before paying for the subscription. Consider the VPN services that provide coupons and pleasant discounts, and you will be surprised how much money you will save.

No Logging

The policy that guarantees no logs and provides the highest levels of security. If the service provides log-free VPNs, it will improve your confidentiality.

Customer Support

This is a characteristic that users often underestimate. However, you may need high-quality technical support. You may need to solve the issues that emerge with the changes in a VPN that may constantly emerge, so it is vital that customer support must have a live-chat for direct communication without waiting for hours.

Different Types of IP Addresses and Servers

There are two most common server types – shared and personal. In shared VPN servers, your IP address changes every time you reconnect to the VPN. Here, the traffic can be shared with other users, so your connection speed may be relatively low. On the other hand, personal servers provide one IP address that does not change. Therefore, you don’t have to share the server with other customers, so the connection is faster and more reliable.

Number of VPN Servers

The company must provide many servers located in different places around the world. In this case, you can opt for servers in countries you feel are the most appropriate for the content viewed. In addition, it will provide you with unrestricted access to multiple Internet resources that may be unavailable in your home country.

IP Addresses

Your VPN IP address is virtual and unique only to the VPN provider, your IP address from your ISP essentially sits behind the virtual IP, consequently shielding your real IP from tracking software.

Use on Many Devices

Check how many devices you can use the VPN on simultaneously. You may  need one account for use on different computers or mobiles. Such a subscription is for use at home with your family, at work with your colleagues, or even with friends when you want to play games together. It may cost you a lot if  you have to pay for a separate subscription for every device.

Compatibility with Devices

Here is another criterion that is always very important. Some VPNs may not be available platforms such as Linux or Mac, and it makes their use inconvenient. It is crucial when you use your PC with Windows and a mobile with iOS.

User-Friendly Interface

Usability is especially important for those customers who are not tech-savvy. If you are one of them, try to pick out a VPN that does not require any technical skills for its configuration. Some VPNs even offer a virtual installation, so you do not need to worry much about it.

Payment Options

It is always essential how to make payments. Some VPNs can be paid using anonymous payment methods, for example, BitCoin, while others offer gift cards. The latter also allows for anonymous payments without providing too much personal information.

A Money-Back Guarantee

It’s the best way to ensure that you will not have to use a product that does not meet your needs. If you see that the chosen VPN is not the right choice for you, you need a chance to get out of the contract.

Look for a service that offers immediate money-back without making you wait for a certain amount of time, using software that does not suit you at all.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be mistaken that all VPNs provide the same service and have similar features, so, decide what you need your VPN for, and then you will be able to define parameters and criteria to look for the most reliable and high-quality software that will meet all your needs.

A good VPN will provide you with a wide variety of servers and countries to reach your Internet connection, high speed, and reliable technical support. So, make the best choice and enjoy it.

Choosing a quality and reliable WeChat VPN or any other social platform can be confusing, use this guide by VPN Brains to find which one works best for you.

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