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Spotify suffers Data Breach, Upgrade your android app

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Music Streaming Service Spotify is the latest high-profile company to report a Data breach. Spotify has announced on its blog that it had been hacked.

According to the blog post, the breach affected only one user. The affect user has been notified about the incident. The company says the breach did not involve any password, financial or payment information.

“Based on our findings, we are not aware of any increased risk to users as a result of this incident.” Oskar Stål, Chief Technology Officer at Spotify said in the blog post.

As an additional security measure, the company also recommends android users to upgrade their spotify application. iOS and Windows Phone users do not need to take any actions.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, but hope you understand that this is a necessary precaution to safeguard the quality of our service and protect our users.” the blog post reads.

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