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Telco M1 Suspends iPhone 6 Pre-orders due to mistaken hacking

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SINGAPORE – Telco M1 is suspending pre-orders of the iPhone 6, after a hacker had accessed its website by mistake, and reported this security loophole to M1.

A spokesman said that the telco is trying to rectify the issue, and has suspended the pre-orders as a precaution to protect customers’ personal information.

A full review of the incident will be conducted, he said.

“The person who accessed the information said he did not mean to hack the site, but wanted to bring the issue to M1’s attention before hackers discovered the loophole,” said the spokesman.

M1 said it is appreciative that the customer took the time to inform the organisation of the issue.

Reassuring customers, it added that it places ” the utmost priority in protecting ourcustomer data and privacy and has implemented strict processes and procedures to safeguard customer information, including conducting regular security audits”.

M1 had announced the suspension on a Facebook post at about 7.30pm on Monday evening.

“Dear customers, we have discovered a potential security breach.As a precaution to protect our customers’ personal information, we will be temporarily suspending pre-orders while we urgently investigate this issue. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding”, the company said

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