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Women Loses $45,000 In Email Fraud

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A police complaint was registered by a bank manager against unknown hacker who hacked into the email account of one of the customers in the bank and stole his money

About $45,000 ( £30,500) was transferred from the customers account to a bank in Hong Kong between 5th and 17th of March. The complain was filed on 10th of April

The police said that, “The bank received a complaint from Sonar that the money was transferred from her account without her consent.”

Due to delay in reporting the file to police, Chougle (Senior inspector Pravin Chougle, in-charge of the Deccan Gymkhana police) said that “The bank has made an internal inquiry and then on finding substance in the complaint approached the police.” and also said that “We will seek assistance of the cyber crime cell. Bank manager Dattatram Dokhe registered a complaint against the fraudsters under sections of the Information Technology Act,

The Nigdi police said the fraudster to be a bank officer, telephoned Kalpana Mahajan and tricked her into revealing details of her bank account. Then transferred money from Mahajan’s account to another bank account. Mahajan reported about this incident to the bank and she later filed a complaint against the fraudster with the police under sections of the Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act.

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