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How To Block Windows 10 Data Collection

by Unallocated Author

There are many apps to block Windows 10 data collection, but it’s almost hard to choose the best one since all the software claims to disable everything that tracks your latest OS.

In this tutorial we suggest the best software Spybot Anti-Beacon to use against Microsoft’s data collection. This tool has simple user interface and powerful.

This tool helps you to protect your privacy with one click install.

List of settings you can block:

  • telemetry hosts
  • services
  • group policies
  • disable Wi-Fi sense
  • P2P Widnows updates outside local network
  • application impact telemetry group police

All these can be block by clicking the Immunize button. In Optional tab you will be having some extra settings for OneDrive, Cortana and web search

Download Spybot Anti-Beacon to save your privacy right now.

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