Hackers Breached the official email servers of Bolivian Army

A group of hackers ( Hanom1960Chilean Hackers crew and Hazzard) breached Bolivian Army email servers and dumped data, but it doesn’t contain any sensitive military or state secrets.

According to Softpedia,” The Bolivian Army was running their internal email server on VMWare’s Zimbra service. The hackers used an old software called Zimbra exploit.”

The data dumped by hackers contains information of officers name, positions and emails exchanged between officers, like conference invitations, activity reviews, and some boring stuff.

After dumping the data online, hackers started to tweet about their emails of various army members and their passwords.

The hackers said that they took a special interest to breach Bolivian Army servers after the rampant corruption in its ranks.

Source Link – Softpedia

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